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Home and contents insurance can be a safety net at the worst of times, so it helps to find an insurance provider that covers you in the areas you need. Here is what AA home and contents insurance includes.

What’s on offer with AA home and contents insurance?

AA home and contents insurance can either be purchased separately as home insurance or contents insurance, or can be bundled together in a home and contents insurance package. 

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What’s on offer with AA Home Insurance?

This policy includes Replacement Cover, under certain conditions. Replacement Cover essentially protects you against the cost to rebuild or repair your house. As well as this, you will be covered for temporary accommodation if your house is damaged to the extent it is unhabitable. You, your family and pets may be eligible for up to 12 months of accommodation, limited to $20,000, or $40,000 if your claim comes as a result of an earthquake or tsunami. You’re also eligible for replacement of keys and locks following a burglary, and minor renovations and unfixed building materials, as long as the cost sits under $75,000.

What’s on offer with AA Contents Insurance?


This policy will replace most items that have been lost, stolen or damaged, with a newer version – whereas, items that don’t have a suitable replacement will be settled at market value.  With this policy, you will be covered for the cost of business tools and professional equipment, in the event they need to be replaced. If you meet the requirements, you will be covered for up to $3000 per event. It also includes excess-free cover for food spoilage – of up to $1000 – when a fridge or freezer stops working.

What’s on offer with AA Home and Contents Insurance?

The home and contents insurance package includes a combination of the aforementioned Replacement Cover, temporary accommodation cover, as well as cover for business tools and professional equipment. At an extra cost, you can add excess-free glass cover, covering you for damage done to – or replacement of – windows, doors and built in furniture. 

About AA Insurance

AA Insurance is a New Zealand insurance provider, owned by the New Zealand Automobile Association and the Suncorp Group. With more than 350,000 customers nationwide and 25 years of insurance under its belt, AA Insurance now offers home, contents and car insurance. 

Written by: Olivia Fairhurst | Last updated: July 25, 2019

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