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Version: 29 February 2016

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CANSTAR New Zealand Limited Reg. No. 3225469 FSP200146 (‘CANSTAR’) may from time to time change the contents of this website (including these legal notices) without notice. Your use of the website means that you accept the terms and conditions set out on this page. If you do not accept these terms and conditions you should immediately cease using the website.

The information provided in this website is a guide only and may not be complete for your purposes. CANSTAR does not warrant the accuracy of any information on this website and recommend that you confirm it with third party product providers before acting on it. In most cases, rates indicated are available to new customers only. It is recommended that you confirm information with the third party product providers before acting on it.

Liability disclaimer

Although great care has been taken to ensure the reliability of any statements of opinion or general ratings information provided by CANSTAR, CANSTAR gives no warranty in relation to statements and information contained in the website and disclaims all liability to the fullest extent possible arising from any persons acting on the information and statements contained therein. CANSTAR assumes no responsibility or obligation to provide updates on any published statement or report. Where the law implies conditions or warranties that are not able to be excluded, CANSTAR’s liability shall be limited to the re-supply of the information provided on the website.

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This website is owned by or licensed to CANSTAR and subject to copyright. This website may also contain third party supplied material that is subject to copyright. CANSTAR takes no responsibility for the use of information provided on this website. Except as permitted by law, you may not reproduce, transmit, disseminate, sell, or publish information on this website without prior written permission from CANSTAR, provided that you may use the information for your private or internal purposes. Any company and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Rates are for information purposes only and must be confirmed with the company quoted. This website may contain links to other websites. Such links do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any material on those linked websites or any third party products and services offered by, from or through those sites.

Referral Service

Canstar’s website allows users to select a product or service and click to be transferred to the product or service provider’s website (‘Financial Product Referral Service’). If you do not accept these terms and conditions you must immediately stop use of the Financial Product Referral Service and not take any further action in relation to making an application and/or completing an online form in relation to a financial product.

If you choose to use the Financial Product Referral Service, you agree with CANSTAR that:

  1. we are referring you to the financial product provider referred to on the form (“Provider”) for further information about the financial product;
  2. by clicking an action button (for example ‘Send Inquiry’, ‘Get Quote’, ‘Proceed’, ‘Request a Callback’), by proceeding to obtain a firm quote or by completing and submitting an application, in all cases you consent to us providing your personal information and other details in the online form to the Provider for the purpose of the Provider providing you with more information about a particular financial product or service;
  3. if a telephone number is shown on the form, if you telephone that number, you will be telephoning and speaking to employees or agents of the Provider and not CANSTAR;
  4. the Provider is not our employee, contractor or agent, and we will have no liability to you in relation your dealings with the Provider including any advice or recommendations it may make;
  5. the Provider is a financial product provider, selling its own financial product products and services;
  6. you will make all arrangements in relation to services you require from the Provider and you will be responsible for all fees and charges (if any) payable in relation to any product or service you acquire from the Provider;
  7. we make no recommendation to you about the skills, expertise or suitability of the Provider for your purposes. You should consider seeking advice from a qualified financial adviser prior to proceeding;
  8. full details about the product you are interested in should be obtained and considered before making any decision about whether to acquire the product;
  9. we may contact you to seek your response to a survey in relation to your dealings with the Provider;
  10. we may receive a commission or other payment in relation to the referral;
  11. you have read and accept CANSTAR’s website terms of use (this document) and the terms of Canstar’s Privacy Policy.
  12. “We” and “us” means CANSTAR NZ Limited FSP200146

Advice warning

The material on this website is for information purposes only. Its content is intended to be of a general nature, does not take into account your financial situation or goals, and is not a personalised financial adviser service under the Financial Advisers Act 2008. It is recommended you seek advice from a financial adviser which takes into account your individual circumstances before you acquire a financial product.