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What type of credit card does my business need?

Canstar is not able to give personalised advice. However, in general, the choice of business credit card depends on its usage.

Business credit cards come in two distinct types:

Business Low Rate Card

What is it? Low Rate business credit cards offer – as the name suggests – a low interest rate and flexible repayment conditions.

What is it useful for? The low rate option is suitable for a business that revolves debt on the card from month to month.

Business Rewards Card

What is it? Rewards business credit cards come with a rewards program. The type of rewards offered include: cash-back, gift cards/shopping vouchers, frequent flyer rewards, merchandise, entertainment or lifestyle rewards.

What is it useful for? A rewards option is suited for a business that can use the rewards program to their advantage. This involves putting a high volume of transactions through the card each month, and always paying off the balance, so not to incur the higher interest rates associated with rewards programs.

Rewards cards also have higher annual fees. So if the card isn’t used very often, it’s not a good option, as a business can end up paying more in fees than it earns in rewards.


Generally speaking, the key features of a business credit card are its:

  • Interest rate
  • Annual account fee
  • Rewards scheme 
  • Accessibility
  • Additional costs, including overdrawn and late fees

Other features businesses should take into consideration include:

  • The maximum number of cards available for one account
  • Fees associated with additional cards
  • Maximum credit limits
  • Introductory interest rate offers
  • Interest free days, the date interest is calculated and the grace period before interest is charged
  • Security protections
  • Insurances against loss, theft and travel

What features are best suited to my business?

The size and performance of your business will dictate your credit card requirements. 

Businesses with a revolving debt may benefit from a card with a lower interest rate.

A small business with a large monthly credit card expenditure and no need for credit card debt can benefit from a rewards program.

Canstar always advises seeking the advice of your bank or a financial professional. 

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