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It’s estimated that more than three-quarters of New Zealand’s households are insured with home and contents policies. However, not all brands are created equal. Here, Canstar compares how ANZs home and contents insurance stacks up against other providers.

What Home and Contents Policies Does ANZ Offer?

ANZ offers its customers two policies for home and contents cover; ANZ home buildings insurance, as well as ANZ contents insurance.

The brand also offers optional benefits for both policies which include provision of up to $3,000 for gradual damage caused by events such as a leaking pipe, full replacement options and a SumExtra benefit offering the sum insured plus 10% in the event of a natural disaster. 

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What’s Covered by ANZ’s Home Buildings Insurance?

According to ANZ, its home buildings insurance offers customers a no-claims bonus, as well as cover for accidental loss or damage, continuation of cover, natural disasters and benefits under the sum insured which include gradual damage, retaining walls, damage caused by authorities, demolition, professional fees, tree removal, lost or stolen keys and pipe blockage. The policy extends to include temporary accommodation relief, landscaping cover and the property owner’s liability.

What’s Covered by ANZ’s Contents Insurance?

ANZ says it can cover just about all of its customers’ possessions (including frozen food and gifts). Its contents insurance policy offers a no-claims bonus and cover for accidental loss or damage, natural disasters, continuation of cover, and benefits under the sum insured which include gradual damage (up to $3,000), stolen or lost keys, storage and business tools.

What Don’t ANZ’s Home Buildings and contents policies cover?

Similar to many other insurers, ANZ does not cover its customers should an incident occur that they could control, for legal liability relating to any business or employment and where a fire was intentionally lit.

What makes ANZ’s Home and Contents insurance different?

According to ANZ, its customers are eligible for a multi-policy discounts and an additional $2,000 payment if the home is mortgaged with ANZ and suffers total loss that is covered by the policy. 

About ANZ

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) is an Australian-based banking institution operating in 36 countries including Australia and New Zealand. 

Thought to be one of New Zealand’s largest companies (based on profit and assets), ANZ is currently New Zealand’s largest rural banker and proudly boasts finance capabilities that fund more than 30% of all home loans across the country. 

Written by: Katharina Charles | Last updated: July 25, 2019

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