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Home and contents insurance can be a safety net at the worst of times, so it helps to find an insurance provider that covers you in the areas you need. Here’s what the BNZ’s home and contents insurance policies include.

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What’s on offer with BNZ home and contents insurance?

BNZ’s home and contents insurance can be purchased separately as home insurance or contents insurance. BNZ also offers discounts for purchasing multiple insurance policies with BNZ, such as home and contents, or any other PremierCare general insurance policies. BNZ’s policies are underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited.

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What’s on offer with BNZ’s Home Insurance?

BNZ’s PremierCare Home Insurance covers you for sudden and accidental damage up to the total sum insured of your home. In the event of an earthquake, PremierCare will cover you for the difference between your Earthquake Commission payout and the sum insured under your policy. Some other benefits include:

  • Cover for new building works (other than alterations) being constructed on your property, where the construction cost is less than $10,000
  • Hidden, gradual damage caused by water leaking from internal tanks or pipes, up to $3000
  • Damage to your home office

There are discounts for every year you don’t make a claim. Claims for accidental breakage of window glass or bathroom fittings do not affect this discount.

What’s on offer with BNZ’s Contents Insurance?

With BNZ contents insurance, most lost, damaged, or stolen items are covered for their full replacement value, regardless of age. This applies to some sports items as well.

  • If your fridge or freezer suddenly breaks down, or there is a long power cut, you are covered for the food that perishes as a result
  • Hidden, gradual damage caused by water leaking from internal tanks or pipes, is covered up to $3000
  • Children who have left home may be covered under your policy.

BNZ also offers sustainability upgrades. When replacing an item of whiteware that’s less than 10 years old as a result of a claim, the insurer may pay for a more energy-efficient model.

About BNZ

The Bank of New Zealand was founded by an act of parliament in 1861. Since its purchase by the National Australia Bank in 1992, BNZ has operated as a subsidiary of its trans-Tasman owner. However, it retains local governance and employs over 4500 Kiwis across New Zealand.


Written by: Andrew Broadley | Last updated: August 11, 2021

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