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ANZ is a trans-Tasman bank that provides home loans, personal loans, credit cards, accounts, insurance and investments.

Loan options: What ANZ home loans offer

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Variable home loan features to look for

What types of home loans does ANZ offer?

At the time of writing ANZ offers the following types of home loans:

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Applying for an ANZ home loan is a simple process; just compare home loans on the Canstar website and apply online on the ANZ website for the loan of your choice. You can also call ANZ on 0800 269 4663 (0800 ANZ HOME) on weekdays to speak to a home loan expert, you can drop into your local ANZ branch, or find a Mobile Mortgage Manager on the ANZ website who can visit you when it’s convenient to discuss lending advice.

Follow our applying for a home loan checklist, and use the Canstar website to compare ANZ home loans with other home loans before choosing a product that suits your needs:

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Before you start your application for an ANZ home loan, you will need evidence of:

  • Your income, including salary, dividends, rent, business profits, etc.
  • Your expenses, such as food, rent, bills, loan debts, insurance, etc.
  • Your deposit – how much cash or equity you have, including any KiwiSaver investments
  • Your personal details, including a form of valid photo ID such as your passport or drivers licence

For more information on what is involved, follow our applying for a home loan checklist, and use the Canstar website to compare ANZ home loans with other home loans before choosing a product that suits your needs:

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ANZ offers you the option of making weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments on fixed interest and floating interest home loans; flexible home loans have no set frequencies. As with most banks, interest is calculated daily on your remaining principal; this means that any payment you make before your monthly due date will reduce your principal, and thus reduce the amount of interest you have to pay.

ANZ allows extra repayments on its fixed and floating interest home loans – flexible home loans do not allow extra repayments. You can also make lump sum repayments at any time, and any extra payments are available for redraw (withdrawal from your loan) at no cost if you change your mind. Terms and conditions apply; contact your lender for details.

Find out how making extra repayments could save money in interest over the life of your loan in this article or use our Extra Repayments Calculator for yourself:

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Yes, ANZ’s variable rate home loans offer the option to top up your home loan (i.e. borrow back more money that you’ve already paid off). You can apply for a loan top up using ANZ Internet Banking. Fees and charges may apply to use of a redraw facility; contact your lender for details or learn more about redraw facilities here.

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Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in New Zealand, and a major part of the nation’s economy. Nearly half of all Kiwis use services provided by ANZ brands, and nearly 20% of all employees in the finance sector work for ANZ – around 9,000 people. The company finances roughly a third of all homes in New Zealand, and accounts for roughly 1% of the nation’s economy just by itself.

ANZ’s size also means a large degree of corporate responsibility, and activity in local communities. The company’s volunteering program saw over 16,000 hours of employee volunteering in 2016-17, and the company commits sponsorship funding to several major organisations, including NZ Cricket, Premiership Netball, the NZ Olympic Committee and the Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day.

ANZ also has comprehensive sustainability policies to reduce its carbon and environmental footprint, in both its everyday operations and supply chain. The bank reduced its Australian carbon emissions by 17% in 2016, and provided more than $2.5 billion in finance to sustainable energy production.

Some ANZ home loans received a 5-Star Rating from Canstar in our most recent Star Ratings; see our home loans comparison pages for details.

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