Simplicity KiwiSaver

Simplicity is a low-fee, not-for-profit KiwiSaver provider that gives away 15% of the fees it charges.

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If you’re considering opening a KiwiSaver fund with Simplicity, check out Canstar’s latest Star Ratings for its products.

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Types of Simplicity KiwiSaver funds

Simplicity offers four KiwiSaver funds, each offering a different level of potential return and targeted to the needs of a different life stage. Each is a passively managed fund:

  • Conservative
  • Balanced
  • Growth
  • Guaranteed Income (provides a 4.2% after tax income in retirement )

The funds contain varying mixes of assets, with cash and fixed-interest bonds (income assets) making up most of the conservative funds, and equities (growth assets) making up more of the growth options.

Eligibility to open a Simplicity KiwiSaver account

Most New Zealanders can join KiwiSaver. Find out if you’re eligible on the government’s KiwiSaver website.

How to open a Simplicity KiwiSaver account

Apply online at the Simplicity website.

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Written by: Bruce Pitchers | Last updated: September 24, 2021