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Fisher Funds is a New Zealand financial services firm that offers managed investments to both individuals and institutional investors. 

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If you’re considering opening a KiwiSaver fund with Fisher Funds, check out Canstar’s latest Star Ratings for its products.

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Types of Fisher Funds KiwiSaver funds 

Fisher Funds offers three different investment options for your KiwiSaver scheme: 

Fund Name  Asset Split  Annual fees 
Conservative Fund  78% Income, 22% Growth  0.99% 
Growth Fund  80% Growth, 20% income  1.11% 
Balanced Strategy  55% Growth Fund, 45% Conservative Fund  1.06% 


The Conservative Fund consists of 78% Income assets, such as fixed interest and cash assets, and 22% Growth assets such as equities and property. It’s aimed at investors who are cautious or nearing retirement, who want low risk and are happy with lower returns.  

The Growth Fund consists of 80% Growth assets and 20% Income assets, and is aimed at younger or more risk-tolerant investors who are happy to ride out fluctuations to achieve long-term growth. 

The Balanced Strategy consists of a 55% Growth Fund, 45% Conservative Fund allocation, providing a good compromise between capital growth and protection. If you’d prefer to customise your KiwiSaver investment, you can choose your own split between the Growth/Conservative funds. Since its 2009 inception, the Balanced Strategy has actually outperformed the (older) Growth Fund – 8.1% growth versus 7.5% – so it’s certainly a good option to consider. 

If you’d prefer to set and forget your KiwiSaver investment, Fisher Funds also offers its GlidePath option, which automatically reallocates your savings each year to a portfolio that is suited to your age. GlidePath costs nothing extra and, just like manual fund choices, can be changed at any time.  

If you’re unsure which one would best suit your needs, try out Fisher Funds’s quiz on which type of investment is best for you. 

Eligibility to open an Fisher Funds KiwiSaver account

You are eligible to join the KiwiSaver scheme if you are: 

  • Younger than the qualifying age for New Zealand superannuation (currently age 65) 
  • Over the age of 18 
  • Living or normally living in New Zealand 
  • A New Zealand citizen, or entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely 

How to open an Fisher Funds KiwiSaver account

If you’ve unexpectedly been contacted by Fisher Funds, you may have been automatically enrolled in the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver scheme when you started at a new employer. This is the case if Fisher Funds is your employer’s preferred provider and you haven’t specified your own provider. If that’s the case, then you already have an account! By default, Fisher Funds invests your money into a Conservative Fund, which you can change any time if you wish.  

If you’d like to open a new Fisher Funds KiwiSaver account, you can apply online on the Fisher Funds website; call Fisher Funds on 0800 FF KIWI (0800 335 494) to speak to a KiwiSaver specialist, or fax +64 9 489 7139. In addition to your personal details, you will need: 

  • Your IRD number 
  • Your NZ drivers licence or NZ Passport 

Fisher Funds FAQs

Yes, you can log in to your Fisher Funds account using Fisher Funds’s online account management. There you can monitor your balance, change your investment fund, view reportsinvest money or apply for a withdrawal. 

Since KiwiSaver is an initiative of the New Zealand Government, your funds are held by Trustees Executors Limited (a government-owned company) on your behalf. Fisher Funds functions as the administration manager for your KiwiSaver fund, responsible for making the investment decisions. 

Compare KiwiSaver Funds 

You can transfer all of your existing KiwiSaver balance into your new Fisher Funds account. Once you open a Fisher Funds KiwiSaver account, Fisher Funds will automatically transfer your balance from your old provider to your new account. Your old scheme provider may charge you a transfer fee – contact your previous provider for further information. 

The main purpose of the KiwiSaver scheme is to save for retirement, so you are able to withdraw money once you reach the KiwiSaver retirement age of 65 years. There are also several circumstances when you can withdraw money earlier, which are: 

  • Buying your first home 
  • Permanently moving to another country 
  • Experiencing or are likely to experience significant financial hardship 
  • Having a serious illness or injury 

Fisher Funds is a majority New Zealand-owned investment company with nearly two decades of investment experience. The company was founded in 1998 and now boasts more than 250,000 clients around the country. 

Fisher Funds is an active participant in the wider community. Its investment roadshow has raised thousands of dollars for charities such as the St John Ambulance, the Heart Foundation, the Cancer Society and Ronald McDonald House. The company also sponsors NZ Sculpture OnShore, New Zealand’s largest outdoor sculpture show, and sponsored part of the High Five-0 challenge in 2015 to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

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Written by: Sam Bloom | Last updated: April 18, 2018