Mercer KiwiSaver

Mercer is a New Zealand financial services company, providing savings, investment and insurance products.

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If you’re considering opening a KiwiSaver fund with Mercer, check out Canstar’s latest Star Ratings for its products.

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Types of Mercer KiwiSaver funds

Mercer offers seven predominantly actively managed KiwiSaver funds, each offering a different level of potential return and targeted to the needs of a different life stage. The funds range in risk from Mercer Cash and Mercer Conservative, to Mercer Growth and High Growth.

All seven of Mercer’s KiwiSaver investment options currently invest in companies involved in creating a positive environmental impact including renewable energy, pollution control solutions and energy efficiency.

Mercer KiwiSaver Funds:

  • Cash
  • Sustainable Conservative
  • Sustainable Plus Moderate
  • Sustainable Plus Balanced
  • Sustainable Plus Growth
  • Sustainable Plus High Growth
  • Sustainable Plus Shares

Note: the funds labelled with Plus have a more active management approach than the Cash and Sustainable Conservative funds

Eligibility to open a Mercer KiwiSaver account

Most New Zealanders can join KiwiSaver. Find out if you’re eligible on the government’s KiwiSaver website.

How to open a Mercer KiwiSaver account

Apply online on the Mercer website.

Compare KiwiSaver Funds

Written by: Bruce Pitchers | Last updated: September 22, 2023