KiwiSaver FAQs

If you’re wondering about your KiwiSaver and how to maximise your returns, Canstar has all the answers to the most frequently asked questions:


Canstar’s KiwiSaver Award winners

Which KiwiSaver providers did Canstar rate the best for 2020?

Who is the winner of Canstar’s KiwiSaver Provider of the Year Award 2020

Who is the winner of Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers | KiwiSaver Award 2020

KiwiSaver basics

Active investing vs passive: what does it means for your KiwiSaver?

Conservative vs Balanced: what do the changes to the default KiwiSaver mean?

How do I make a KiwiSaver hardship withdrawal?

How do I make voluntary contributions to my KiwiSaver?

How do the government’s KiwiSaver contributions work?

Is a KiwiSaver savings suspension ever a good idea?

Is opting out of KiwiSaver ever a good idea?

What is a default KiwiSaver scheme?

What is KiwiSaver and how does it work?

What is NZ’s life expectancy and how does that affect KiwiSaver?

What are NZ’s top 10 KiwiSaver schemes in terms of membership numbers?

Why do I need to read my KiwiSaver statement?

How do I switch KiwiSaver provider or funds?

Which KiwiSaver fund type is right for me?

Keeping track of your KiwiSaver

Are my KiwiSaver finances on track for a healthy retirement?

How do I keep track of my KiwiSaver balance and contributions?

How do I make sure my KiwiSaver investments are ethical?

How do I sort out my KiwiSaver?

How do I transfer a UK pension to NZ, and should I?

I’m starting a new job, what do I need to do to my KiwiSaver?

Maximising your KiwiSaver returns

How do I maximise my KiwiSaver returns?

Fees vs Returns: am I getting true value from my KiwiSaver?

Should I switch my KiwiSaver provider?

KiwiSaver for first home buyers, young people & kids

As a young person, what do I need to know about investing in KiwiSaver?

Should I open a KiwiSaver account for my child?

What do I need to know about using KiwiSaver to buy a first home?

Canstar is here to help

If you are considering changing your KiwiSaver, either looking for a new provider, or moving your money to a scheme that’s a better fit with your investment goals, Canstar can help. Use our free and easy-to-use online tool to compare all the major providers in the market on their fees and returns. Just hit the big button below. 

Compare KiwiSaver providers for free with Canstar!

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