Keeping Track of Your KiwiSaver Balance & Contributions

Your KiwiSaver is key to building up your retirement savings. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about it till then. Canstar takes you through how to keep on top of your KiwiSaver balance.

Over three million Kiwis have a KiwiSaver account. And the largest chunk of those members are aged 25-34. Given KiwiSaver is a retirement fund, many of these younger members give little thought to their KiwiSaver. But staying on top of your balance and contributions, regardless of your age, is key in managing your savings and working towards your financial goals.

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How do I know who my KiwiSaver provider is?

If you set up your KiwiSaver a while back and have opted to set and forget, you may not even know who your provider is. But finding out is simple. You can call 0800 KIWISAVER or, login to myIR. Here, you will be able to see your KiwiSaver account, including who your provider is.

How can I see my KiwiSaver contributions?

If you already know your provider, it’s easy to access a more detailed breakdown of your KiwiSaver:

Use your myIR login, or register with IRD

One easy way to keep track of your KiwiSaver balance is to use the Inland Revenue Department’s (IRD) myIR platform. myIR keeps tabs on your income tax, any student loans and KiwiSaver. Through myIR you can see any government contributions to KiwiSaver and contributions that are paid to IRD. This includes how much is coming out of your salary, and how much your employer is contributing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when checking your KiwiSaver balance through myIR:

  • myIR does not display your overall balance, as it does not include investment gains and losses
  • It will only show contributions after they have been processed from your employer’s payroll report. This can take a few months, depending on your employer, from when they are deducted from your salary or wages
  • You will be able to see when Inland Revenue transfers the money to your KiwiSaver scheme provider

I don’t have a myIR account

If you don’t have a myIR online account, it’s pretty easy to register. Just enter your IRD number into the Online Services Registration form, via the IRD website, and enter a few details to get going.

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How do I track my overall KiwiSaver balance?

The myIR platform gives a good indication of the transactional side of your KiwiSaver balance. But how can you get an overall picture of your KiwiSaver balance?

Check with your provider

The way you access this information depends on your KiwiSaver provider. For example, if your KiwiSaver provider is the same as your everyday banking provider, you should be able to check your KiwiSaver balance by logging into your online banking account.

Other KiwiSaver providers will generally have a secure online login system, similar to any online banking site. Here you can access your KiwiSaver information. So on this note, if you visit your KiwiSaver provider’s website, you should find you can login and access your KiwiSaver information.

If you’re unsure how to check your KiwiSaver balance, contact your KiwiSaver provider directly.

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Why do you need to track your KiwiSaver balance?

It’s always good to be in total control of your finances. Whether day-to-day transactions or long-term investments. But there are a number of reasons why keeping on top of your KiwiSaver is an essential part of your financial planning:

A first home deposit

While KiwiSaver is a retirement fund, thanks to high house prices, it’s increasingly seen as a housing deposit. So if you are working towards a first-home deposit, your KiwiSaver could be crucial. Knowing your balance will help you plan and budget for your deposit. Your KiwiSaver isn’t a savings account, however. It’s an investment. So it’s important to remember your balance can fluctuate as it earns you returns or makes losses.

The right fund for your retirement

If you’re saving for retirement, keeping on top of your KiwiSaver balance gives you the opportunity to assess whether you are on track with your investment goals. When your retire, how much money can you expect to have tucked away?

Additionally, you need to assess whether you are in the right fund. Does it have the correct level of risk? Is your fund appropriate for your stage of life? For more on this subject, check out our story KiwiSaver: Which Fund Type Is Right For Me?

Value for money

KiwiSaver providers charge fees and the fees charged differ between providers. But, perhaps more importantly, how well are your investments doing? Are your investments losing money or reaping profits? The returns on your investments are crucial in growing your fund and getting the most from your KiwiSaver account.

When you’re checking your KiwiSaver balance, you should also check out how your provider compares with others in the market. This includes Canstar’s latest detailed research into which providers deliver the best value for money and returns.

Compare KiwiSaver Providers with Canstar

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