Find a credit card to match your spending personality

Do you put every purchase on the plastic, or do you save your credit card for big-ticket items? Pay off your bills every month, or are you a minimum only kind of credit card payer? Your answers could reveal a lot about your spending personality and your ideal credit card match.

Let’s start by saying Canstar is not in the business of matchmaking, so don’t go expecting us to come up with an app for you to swipe right with, or roses to hand out. But helping you understand the different credit cards and whether they match your lifestyle, now that we can do!

Often late to (credit card payment) dates? Consider low-interest credit cards

Paying off your credit card bill in full every month is the gold standard. But, sometimes, things happen and you aren’t as punctual as you might like. If you struggle to pay off your credit card and carry over debt from month to month, then the interest rate you pay on your debt can be a real mood killer. Whoops, we mean budget killer.

Does the above sound like an apt description of your credit card spending habits? Then a credit card with a low interest rate could be your ideal match. Don’t be swayed by credit cards that come with rewards. In many cases, they come with higher rates and fees. If you aren’t the punctual type, a credit card deadline is one date you really don’t want to be late for. Instead of facing the wrath of a date who has been waiting around for you, in this scenario, if you miss the date of the credit card deadline, you’ll get stung with credit card interest.

Looking for a low interest rate credit card to meet your spending needs? See if you can find your perfect match using Canstar’s free comparison tools, below:

Compare low rate credit cards with Canstar

Into a little champagne living or high flying? Consider rewards credit cards

If you’ve watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette reality shows (we won’t judge, honest) then you’ve probably witnessed some pretty extravagant dates: think champagne taste and champagne budget. If you know you’re in a comfortable position to splash the cash or, in this case, give your credit card a serious workout, then maybe a rewards or flight rewards credit card is for you. We can’t stress enough, though, that we are not encouraging anyone to live beyond their means. But, if you typically already spend around $12,000 to $120,000 per year – and can comfortably manage the credit card repayments and deadlines – then you might as well be in the VIP section of the credit card party, right? For this type of spender, the interest rate isn’t really a concern, and you’re spending enough on your credit card to investigate credit cards that show you the finer side of life, such as free merchandise, flights, travel insurance, concierge services and more.

If the above description sounds like we tore a page out of your credit card spending diary, we may be able to help you meet your ideal credit card match.

Compare rewards credit cards with Canstar

When you commit, you’re all in. Sound like you? Maybe try a low-fee card

When you’re out on the dating scene, it’s your prerogative to be choosy. It’s also entirely up to you whether you want to use your card for everyday spending, or for occasional one-off big-spend items. In this particular scenario, we’re talking about the type of spender who doesn’t regularly use a credit card but, when they do, it’s usually for something big-ticket, like a holiday. There may be a time when you’re a little reckless and flirt with taking more than one month to pay off your bill. But, in general, you’re committed, in it for the long haul and punctual with important dates.

If this description sounds like your approach to credit card spending, then we might be able to help point you in the direction of your credit card match. You can look for potential partners (we mean low fee credit cards) below.

Compare low-fee credit cards with Canstar

Just like relationships, you shouldn’t need to force it to make it work. Be your authentic spending self. Choose a credit card that suits your spending personality. Don’t find a rewards credit card and then try to spend more than you would normally, just to get the points. Compare your options and give yourself time to find one that’s right for you. Good luck in your search!

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