What to pack for a trip: 10 Essentials

New Zealanders love travelling overseas; last November alone saw 177,800 New Zealand residents go on short-term holidays, an impressive number. What we take on holiday will always depend on where we’re going and for how long, but there are some things that you should always take with you. Including…

1. Power point adaptor

Unless you’re travelling to Australia, China, or Fiji, the country you’re travelling to probably has different power points to New Zealand. This means that if you want to charge a phone, laptop, kindle, or anything that runs on battery, you’ll need a power point adaptor. This plugs into the native power point and allows you to use New Zealand hardware in foreign countries.

2. Sensible and sufficient clothing

If you’re going to a steamy equatorial country, don’t pack two pairs of jeans and a jumper. Pack clothes that are appropriate for where you’re going; paying special attention to shoes. Only pack in already broken-in shoes, and if you can, follow the rule of three. That’s one pair of good walking shoes, a pair of nicer casual shoes, and a pair of thongs. Also important to remember is that if you pack clothes that all go together, you’ll have a much easier time picking outfits.

3. Cash

Try and make sure that wherever you are, you have some of that area’s currency in your wallet. You could have huge amounts in your bank account but some cash in your wallet is never a bad idea in case you need to make a few small purchases when you arrive.

4. Medication

Any and all prescription medication you take should accompany you overseas, regardless of what the medication is for. It could be an allergy or epilepsy, either way you should pack it. It’s also a good idea to carry painkillers (such as paracetamol) and something for an upset stomach.

5. A spare credit card

You’ll be in a tricky spot if you’re overseas and you lose your credit card, so packing a spare is a good move. If you can, try for two different brands of card (for example, one Visa and Mastercard) so that you’re covered for all eventualities. You can compare credit cards here.

6. Documentation

Colour photocopies of your passport, driver’s license, travel insurance; basically anything you might need to convince someone of your identity or the validity of your presence wherever you happen to be.

7. Chain and lock

It can help discourage opportunistic thieves – here or abroad – from fiddling with your luggage. It’s just a really good idea.

8. Travel insurance

It should be considered an essential part of any overseas adventure and the cost will be a tiny drop in the ocean of your overall spending. You can check our travel insurance ratings here.

9. Something fun

If you’re stuck on a boring flight or other travel-based use of your time, you’re going to want something fun or engaging to do. A pack of cards, a book, a handheld game console, you’ve got a fair few options.

10. A laundry bag

Wherever you are in your travels, you don’t want a smelly sock or a mud stained jumper tainting the rest of your (nice and clean) clothes; this is where a laundry bag comes in. You can buy specially designed ones, but to be honest a plastic bag will do just as well.

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