Air New Zealand OneSmart Review

Travel money cards are a safe and convenient option for overseas travellers. Canstar breaks down everything you need to know about Air New Zealand’s OneSmart card.

While it’s straightforward to obtain foreign currency overseas, a quick trip to an ATM, or a currency exchange bureau, can leave you at the mercy of hidden fees and exchange rates. This is when a travel money card can be your friend. Travel money cards allow you to load up on foreign currency online wherever you are, so you can enjoy your holiday without the worry of sky-high exchange rates and fees.

What is OneSmart?

OneSmart is a reloadable multi-currency prepaid card that can be used in any country that accepts Mastercard. The travel money card is offered through Air New Zealand and is only available to Airpoints members aged 16 or over.

OneSmart makes spending in different countries easy, and earns you Airpoints along the way.

What can I use OneSmart for?

You can use OneSmart like any other travel money card. Load your OneSmart card up with money via the app or website with your debit card or bank transfer. From there you’re free to spend online or instore, anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

By using the OneSmart app, you can transfer funds between currencies for overseas travel. Use the app to keep an eye on your spending by reviewing your transaction history, or check how many Airpoints Dollars you’ve accumulated.

Some key features of OneSmart include:

  • Withdraw local currency from any ATM that accepts Mastercard
  • First three international ATM withdrawals each month are free
  • Choose from eight foreign currencies and spend like a local
  • Earn 1 Airpoints Dollar every NZ$200 you spend domestically
  • Instantly load money onto your OneSmart card with debit loads
  • Shop instore and online
  • Transfer money or leftover funds on your card into your bank account or to another OneSmart cardholder once you get home
  • Manage your money on the go with the OneSmart app

How do I get OneSmart?

To get started, you’ll need to be an a member of Air New Zealand’s loyalty programme: Airpoints. If you’re not already a member you can sign up here.

Once you have an Airpoints membership, you’ll need to request a OneSmart card. Your card should arrive in 3-4 weeks. Once your OneSmart card arrives, you’ll need to activate it.

You can then download the app here and log in using the last four digits of your OneSmart card and email address.

Does OneSmart cost to use?

There is no initial OneSmart card fee, or reloading fee (for bank transfers), however there are some associated costs, including:

  • 1.5% fee for instant debit card loads
  • International ATM withdrawls (first three international withdrawals each month are free)
  • NZ$2 domestic ATM withdrawal fee
  • Currency conversion fee of 2.5% of transaction value
  • Monthly fee of NZ$1 (if there are funds in your account)


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Written by: Caitlin Bingham | Last updated: August 30, 2023