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When planning an overseas holiday, arranging travel insurance is as vital as checking your passport’s not expired. Canstar assesses how WorldCare’s travel insurance policies stack up against the competition.

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What types of travel insurance does WorldCare offer?

WorldCare offers domestic and international travel insurance. The company has four different policies:

  • GoComprehensive: comprehensive level cover for those travelling overseas
  • GoFreedom: comprehensive cover for those travelling multiple times a year
  • GoBudget: limited international cover for those on a budget
  • GoLocal Comprehensive: domestic travel insurance for Kiwis
  • GoLocal Cancellation-only: for domestic travellers wanting to protect themselves against cancellations

What’s covered by WorldCare’s GoComprehensive policy?

The GoComprehensive plan provides a comprehensive level of cover for international travellers. It provides unlimited cover for overseas medical expenses and provides a higher level of cover for situations already covered by GoBudget.


  • $4000 for lost frequent flyer points
  • $5000 for strikes/hijacks
  • $20,000 for accidental death or permanent disablement as a result of terrorism
  • $15,000 for an accompanying person (if approved by a doctor)
  • $500 personal money cover
  • $5000 rental vehicle excess

What’s covered by WorldCare’s GoFreedom policy?

The WorldCare GoFreedom plan provides cover for multiple journeys throughout a year. This plan is best suited to frequent travellers. Cover starts each time you leave your home in New Zealand and ends when you return home. The maximum period for any one journey is 60 days.

The policy provides the same level of cover as the GoComprehensive policy.

What’s covered by WorldCare’s GoBudget policy?

The GoBudget plan covers the basics for anyone travelling overseas. The plan includes up to $250,000 in cover for overseas medical expenses as well as limited cover for a selection of other benefits.

These benefits include:

  • $5000 for loss of deposit
  • $5000 for cancellation of journey (inclu. epidemics/pandemics)
  • $2000 for personal baggage cover
  • $250 for the replacement of travel documents
  • $400,000 for personality liability cover

What’s covered by WorldCare’s GoLocal Comprehensive policy?

GoLocal Comprehensive provides extensive cover for New Zealanders travelling domestically. Some pre-existing medical conditions may be covered under this policy.

The main features of this policy include:

  • $15,000 for journey cancellation (incl. epidemics/pandemics)
  • $15,000 for additional expenses
  • $2500 for medical expenses
  • $1000 for emergency dental expenses
  • $5000 for funeral expenses
  • $15,000 for accidental death or permanent injury
  • $250,000 for personal liability

Optional cover available for cruises.

What’s covered by WorldCare’s GoLocal Cancellation-only policy?

GoLocal Cancellation-only has been designed for those who want cover for cancellation costs, should you be forced to cancel your trip before you go.

Policy holders have $600 cover in case of a cancellation and an additional $600 in the event of a pandemic or epidemic.

About WorldCare

WorldCare has provided Kiwis with travel insurance since 2006.

Based in Brisbane, Worldcare has a staff of 550, including doctors, translators and logistical experts, all ready to help you 24 hours a day.

WorldCare has partnered with Allinz to provide New Zealanders with the best care possible, when travelling domestically and overseas.

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Written by: Caitlin Bingham | Last updated: November 23, 2023

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