UniMed Health Insurance

When faced with serious illness, the cost of medical care can compound an already stressful situation – exactly the reason thousands of New Zealanders invest in health insurance cover. Here, Canstar assesses how UniMed’s policies stack up against the health insurance provider market.

What health insurance options does UniMed offer?

UniMed offers three different health insurance policies of varying cover. These include the Health Positive policy, UniCare Advantage and Hospital Select.

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What’s covered by UniMed’s Health Positive policy?

Described by UniMed as “cover towards everyday health costs”, Health Positive provides customers with a choice of 50% or 80% reimbursement across everyday medical costs up to $10,000 per year. Designed to help manage regular health bills, it includes:

  • Dental and vision care
  • GP consultations
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractors
  • A wide range of other benefits
  • Pre-existing conditions covered, subject to T&Cs

This health insurance policy does not include cover for surgery.

What’s covered by UniMed’s UniCare Advantage policy?

UniCare Advantage covers “a wide range of health costs, including 80% of eligible surgery costs”. UniMed says that its UniCare Advantage policy offers a contribution towards some everyday health costs, as well as specialist consultations and diagnostic testing. Some benefits include:

  • Surgery costs are reimbursed at 80%, up to $100,000 per admission 
  • GPs, prescriptions and laboratory tests
  • Physiotherapist, osteopath, podiatrist
  • Benefits for loyal members

What’s covered by UniMed’s Hospital Select policy? 

Hospital Select is regarded by UniMed as its most extensive plan. The Hospital Select policy is designed to cover unexpected illnesses requiring surgery or hospitalisation.

Benefits include:

  • 100% reimbursement for eligible surgery costs
  • Cancer care
  • Imaging, including CT, MRI, PET and other high-tech imaging
  • Specialists and tests

The plan offers optional benefits that expand to include natural healthcare, dental work and optometry.

What makes UniMed’s health insurance different?

As a New Zealand, not-for-profit company, UniMed boasts the ability to offer its customers competitive premiums and excellent customer service. 

About UniMed 

Despite a deliberate “low-key” approach to marketing, UniMed has offered health insurance options for New Zealanders for more than 40 years. The brand proudly boasts being one of biggest New Zealand insurance companies, as well as holding a strong financial position.

Written by: Caitlin Bingham | Last updated: August 22, 2023