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When faced with serious illness, the cost of medical care can compound an already stressful situation – exactly the reason thousands of New Zealanders invest in health insurance cover. Here, Canstar reviews how Nib’s policies stack up against the competition.

What Health Insurance Policies Does Nib Offer?

Nib offers its customers a choice of standard and premium policies for each category of cover, these are outlined below:

  • Everyday Cover

Standard and Premium

  • Hospital Cover

Standard and Premium

  • Combined Cover
  • Standard Everyday with Standard Hospital or Premium Everyday with Premium Hospital.

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What’s Covered by Nib’s Everyday Policies? 

While the portion reimbursed for claims may differ (60% for the Standard Everyday and 80% for the Premium Everyday), Nib’s Everyday policies cover the customer for day-to-day health costs, dentistry, optometry and consultations with a general practitioner, physiotherapist, chiropractor and osteotherapist. 

What’s Covered by Nib’s Hospital Cover Policies?

The Standard and Premium Hospital policies Nib offers differ in the amount of coverage offered. Nib’s Standard Hospital policy provides for medical costs relating to cancer treatment, surgery, diagnostics, oral surgery, general surgery and ambulance transfers while the Premium Hospital cover extends to those listed plus obstetrics and home nursing.

What’s Covered by Nib’s Combined Cover Policies?

Nib offers customers the opportunity to combine the Everyday policies with Hospital Cover policies (outlined above) to create a comprehensive health plan with one premium payment.

What Don’t Nib’s Health’s Health Insurance Policies Cover?

Similar to other health insurance providers, exclusions vary between each policy and centre largely around eligibility criteria for each level of cover. However, Nib explicitly states that pre-existing conditions relating to cancer, heart disease, hips, knees, backs, transplant, reconstructive or reparative surgery are not covered at any time. 

What Makes Nib’s Health’s Health Insurance Policies Different?

The ability to choose standard and premium levels of cover under different categories, as well as combining policies is somewhat unique, however Nib also says that its mobile application makes the claims process easy. The brand also offers a free 14-day look period whereby customers are eligible for a return on premiums paid should they decide the policy isn’t right for them within the first two weeks. 

About Nib

An international company which has become the second-largest health insurer in New Zealand, Nib provides health insurance options for New Zealanders and their families, as well as companies seeking health insurance for employees.

Written by: Katharina Charles | Last updated: July 25, 2019

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