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A trip to the vets can be rack up thousands of dollars, and is often needed at the least expected of times. That’s why finding a suitable pet insurance policy is crucial. Canstar takes a look at Southern Cross Pet Insurance, to see how it compares against the competition.

What pet insurance policies does Southern Cross Pet Insurance offer?

Southern Cross Pet Insurance names its pet insurance policies “plans”, offering two different options – PetCare and AcciPet.

Compare pet insurance with Canstar, below, and see how Southern Cross Pet Insurance stacks up.

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What’s covered by Southern Cross Pet Insurance PetCare plan?

Southern Cross Pet Insurance’s PetCare is essentially its comprehensive policy option, meaning it’s a higher level of cover than the AcciPet plan. Your pet must be between the age of eight-weeks and six-years-old, on the policy start date, to be eligible for this cover. You will be covered for the cost of sickness and accidental injury up to $15,000 a year, as well as $25 towards a check up or vaccination. 

Within the PetCare plan, there are four different levels of benefit limits to choose from, each at a different premium cost. BlueRibbon will protect you against the cost of up to $15,000, GoldRibbon covers for up to $10,000, while SilverRibbon covers up to $5000 and Bronze Ribbon covers up to $2500. Price of premiums also vary between animals, breeds and the age of the animal. 

There is the option to add day-to-day care and dental care to your choice of policy, at an extra cost – under certain conditions. The policy lasts one year from the start date of the policy.

What’s covered by Southern Cross Pet Insurance AcciPet Plan?

As a lower level cover, Southern Cross Pet Insurance’s AcciPet protects against the cost of accidental injury, of up to $5000 each year. Your pet must be at least eight-weeks-old on the policy start date, to be covered. Accidental injury doesn’t include gradual conditions, or pre-existing conditions.

Similar to PetCare, the AcciPet plan lasts one year and will need to be renewed upon close date. 

What discounts does Southern Cross Pet Insurance PetCare offer?

For both PetCare and AcciPet, there are multiple discounts you may be eligible for. 

You can reduce the cost of premiums by 20%, by opting for the co-payment choice. When it comes to paying for the vet bills, you will then need to contribute 20% towards the cost of your pet’s medical care.

In addition, Southern Cross Pet Insurance offers a 2.5% monthly direct debit discount, a 5% multiple pet discount, and a 2.5% discount if you take out health insurance with Southern Cross. 

About Southern Cross Pet Insurance

Founded in1982, Southern Cross Pet Insurance is now one of the most popular pet insurance providers, providing New Zealanders with a range of levels of cover and benefit limits. As supporters of the SPCA, Southern Cross Pet Insurance states to care for the wellbeing of New Zealand’s most vulnerable animals.

Written by: Olivia Fairhurst | Last updated: July 19, 2019

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