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Pets offer an endless amount of love and companionship. But, just like human health, the wellbeing of your pets can become complicated and expensive when things go wrong. To ensure you and your furry friends are better prepared for the unexpected, Canstar compares pet insurance policies and discovers how Southern Cross Pet Insurance stacks up against the competition.

What pet insurance policies does Southern Cross Pet Insurance offer?

Southern Cross Pet Insurance offers two options: PetCare and AcciPet.

What’s covered by the PetCare plan?

PetCare is its comprehensive policy option, meaning it’s a higher level of cover than the AcciPet plan. To be eligible for this cover, your pet must be between eight weeks and six years old on the policy start date. You will be covered for the cost of sickness and accidental injury up to $15,000 a year, as well as $25 towards a check-up or vaccination. 

Within the PetCare plan, there are four different levels of benefit limits to choose from, each at a different premium cost. BlueRibbon covers up to $15,000; GoldRibbon covers up to $10,000; SilverRibbon covers up to $5000; and BronzeRibbon covers up to $2500. Price of premiums also vary between animals, breeds and the age of the animal. 

What’s covered by the AcciPet Plan?

As a lower level cover, AcciPet protects against the cost of accidental injury, up to $5000 each year. Due to the policy covering only accidents, you can insure your pet at any age. Accidental injury doesn’t include gradual conditions, or pre-existing conditions. Similar to PetCare, the AcciPet plan lasts one year and needs to be renewed annually. 

What discounts does Southern Cross Pet Insurance offer?

As a Southern Cross member, you receive 2.5% off your base pet insurance premium. You can get a quote and apply on their website. Make sure to have your Southern Cross Health Society membership number handy, as you’ll need to include this in your application. 

You can also get a 2.5% discount for paying with direct debit, and a 5% discount for each additional pet insured.

About Southern Cross Pet Insurance

Founded in 1982, Southern Cross Pet Insurance is now one of the country’s most popular pet insurance companies, providing Kiwis with a range of cover and benefit limits. As supporters of the SPCA, Southern Cross Pet Insurance helps care for the wellbeing of New Zealand’s most vulnerable animals.

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Written by: Nicole Barratt | Last updated: August 27, 2021

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