A Guide to Multi-Pet Insurance

If you’ve cats and dog, multi-pet insurance could be the most affordable way to provide them with vet cover. The pet insurance experts at PD Insurance reveal all you need to know about multi-pet insurance.

Multi-pet insurance means putting more than one pet on the same insurance plan. If you’ve more than one pet at home, it can not only be a more convenient option, as you only have to deal with one policy, it can also work out cheaper, as some providers offer multi-pet discounts.

If you’ve more than one pet, read on for PD Insurance’s guide to multi-pet insurance:

Good reasons to take out multi-pet insurance

Multi-pet insurance for peace of mind

Multi-pet insurance provides peace of mind, knowing your beloved furry friends are covered in the case of an accident or illness.

Illness and accidents can be beyond a pet-owner’s control

Although we can try to keep our pets safe, accidents can still happen. And even if we feed them nutritious food, and keep them well exercised and stimulated, they can still fall ill.

Two or more pets together = greater chance of illness

In households with more than one dog or cat, it’s not uncommon for highly infectious diseases to spread between animals. This can prove expensive, especially as vets, unlike insurance providers, don’t provide multi-pet discounts.

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Reduce heart vs head decisions

Multi-pet insurance means you can make decisions about your pets’ health without having to worrying unduly about vet bills. No one wants to have to euthanise an animal due to lack of funds for life-saving treatments.

Affordable prices and premiums

If your pet needs emergency treatment or long-term care, you could face a vet bill of thousands of dollars. An unfortunate incident, like your dog swallowing something it shouldn’t, or your cat picking up an infection, could cost a lot to remedy. In these cases, a quality pet insurance plan can cover the bulk of the costs.

People often think multi-pet insurance must be expensive. However, you might be pleasantly surprised to find you can get pet insurance for as little as a dollar a day per pet, depending on the type of cover you choose. Even the most comprehensive plans can be affordable.

Is self-insuring by saving really reassuring?

Often, people think they can “self-insure” by saving what they’d have paid in pet-insurance premiums and keeping it aside for vet costs. However, this can be problematic if your savings track record isn’t great, or if your pet needs treatment before you’ve built up adequate savings, especially if your pet requires treatments that cost thousands.

PD Insurance offers discounts on multi-pet insurance

PD Insurance offers a healthy discount for insuring more than one pet. This means you’ll pay less when adding additional pets to your plan. PD Insurance is also the winner of Canstar’s latest Award for Most Satisfied Customers | Pet Insurance, as rated by Kiwi pet owners.


PD Insurance specialises in low-cost, high-value pet insurance that can cushion against hefty vet bills for tests, treatments, medication and more. The three simple policies offered by PD Insurance offer the quality protection your furry family member deserves, with no lock-in contracts. In addition, you can go to any vet of your choice, plus you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as your needs change.

PD gives you one or more months of award winning pet insurance for FREE when you buy your plan online. Simply click below to get a quote today.

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