What is the Gem Visa Credit Card?

What is the Gem Visa credit card and what can it offer you? Canstar reveals all you need to know about owning and using a Gem Visa.

Here at Canstar, we spend a lot of time analysing, comparing and rating different types of credit cards. We look at all the big players and the range of different types of cards on the market. They include:

  • Low rate credit cards that offer competitive interest rates. Great if you don’t pay off your outstanding balance each month
  • Low fee cards that come with no or low annual fees. Great if you do pay off your outstanding balance each month
  • Rewards cards that offer cashbacks, Airpoints or gifts. Great if you spend a lot on your cards, pay off the balance each month and love free stuff!

Gem by Latitude

But the card that generates some of the most interest from Kiwi consumers is the Gem Visa card from Latitude. So what is all the fuss about? Let Canstar explain!

As credit cards go, most of the features offered by Gem by Latitude are pretty standard. It’s not the card with the lowest annual fee, it has a one-off application fee and it doesn’t offer rewards:

Account fees

  • Establishment fee (one-off): $55
  • Annual account fee: $55

Interest-free deals

What makes the Gem by Latitude card special is its interest rates. Sure, its overall interest rate is pretty high: 28.99%. (This compares to around 10% for some low rate cards). But it has some great interest-free deals:

  • 0% interest for six months on all Visa purchases $250 and over, anywhere Visa is accepted, instore, online and worldwide
  • 0% p.a. on long-term deals at some of NZ’s leading brands
  • 0% p.a. for up to 55 days on Visa purchases under $250

Six-months interest free on purchases over $250 is a pretty decent deal by itself, and is better than anything BNPL can offer. Add to that long-term deals with leading retailers, and you can see why people are interested in Gem by Latitude Visa. If you’ve a big ticket item to buy, having access to 12- or 24-months interest-free credit can help you budget and spread out your repayments over a manageable timeframe.

Plus, with the Gem Visa card you can get cash back credit from a range of NZ leading brands.

At time of writing (03/10/23) some of the biggest high street names have great long-term interest-free deals going with Gem by Latitude:


  • 0% interest for 12 months on purchases over $600


  • 6 months interest free when you spend $250 or more
  • 12 months interest free when you spend $300 or more
  • 24 months interest free when you spend $600 or more
  • 36 months interest free when you spend $1000 or more
  • 50 months interest free (min spend $1250)

JB Hi-Fi

  • 6 months interest free when you spend $250 or more, minimum monthly payments apply
  • 6 months deferred when you spend $250 or more
  • 12 months interest free when you spend $250 or more, minimum monthly payments apply
  • 24 months interest free when you spend $400 or more, minimum monthly payments apply

Noel Leeming

  • 6 months interest free when you spend $250 or more

Other long-term interest-free deals are available from

  • Bedpost
  • Beds4U
  • Big Save Furniture
  • Daikin
  • DVS
  • Early Settler

  • Evo Cycles
  • Harrisons Carpet
  • House of Travel
  • Hunter Home & Hunter Furniture
  • Target
  • Walker & Hall


Getting the best credit card deal

While the Gem Visa card is a popular choice for many people looking for long-term interest-free deals, it’s worth considering its fees and higher interest rate.

If you’re using the card for a $1000 purchase, Gem Visa’s $55 establishment fee instantly equates to 5.5% of your purchase. And if you don’t manage to pay off your entire balance within the interest-free period, you’ll be charged 28.99% p.a. on the outstanding balance.

Whenever applying for credit, it’s important to explore all your options. And when it comes to credit cards, Canstar has your options covered.

Our free credit card comparison tool compares all the major cards in the market and awards the best our prestigious Star Ratings. You can use it to evaluate your credit card and decide whether or not you’re getting outstanding value. It allows you to compare interest rates, features, and fees for credit cards suited to your spending profile. 

For more information on credit cards and to compare further, just click on the big button below.

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