Travel Money Cards 2016 Award

4 travel money cards rated

Check out how Qantas Cash, Air New Zealand OneSmart, Kiwibank Loaded for Travel and Mastercard Cash passport compare.
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How To: Use a travel money card

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Travel Money Cards 2016 Award

Travel money cards …
vs. travel credit cards
vs. travel debit cards
vs. travellers' cheques
vs. cash

Why you need to compare exchange rates before you travel

A small difference in exchange rate can make a big difference to your spending money!
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5 benefits of a travel money card:

1.Lock in exchange rate
2.Load multiple foreign currencies
3.Reload card online
4.Use it like a debit card
5.Carry less cash
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Fees you can avoid by picking the right card for your trip

There’s no need to pay more in fees than you need to
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Winner, Outstanding Value Travel Money Card:
Qantas Cash

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Qantas Q&A

We talk exchange rates, features and getting the most out of your Qantas Cash Card
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5-Star Winner

Travel Money Card