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Our beloved pets aren’t the cheapest, especially when it comes to medical care. If your pet falls gets sick or injured, it could cost you thousands to get them treated, unless you have pet insurance. Not all pet insurers have the same offerings. Here is Canstar’s guide to Petplan’s policies.

What pet insurance policies does Petplan offer?

Petplan offers four main pet insurance plans for dogs and cats – Essential, Classic 1, Classic 2 and Ultimate. In addition, Petplan has horse insurance called “Equine” pet insurance.

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What’s covered by Petplan Essential plan?

Available to both dogs and cats, the Essential plan is the Injury, Accident or Illness plan, as well as the lowest level pet insurance plan on offer with Petplan. If you take out this pet insurance plan, you will be covered for up to $7000 for vet fees, for certain treatments, and dogs will be ensured for up to $1 million for third party liability. 

What’s covered by Petplan Classic Plans?

Petplan’s Classic 1 plan and Classic 2 plan are both comprehensive cover for the lifetime of the pet – the only difference between the two are the benefit limits. The Classic 1 plan protects against the cost of $10,000 for dogs and $9000 for cats, while Classic 2 covers $15,000 for dogs and $10,000 for cats. And if you’re insuring a dog, both plans mean you’re eligible for up to $3 million of third party liability.

What’s covered by Petplan Ultimate Plan?

The Petplan Ultimate plan is the most comprehensive pet insurance option offered by Petplan. If you choose this policy, you will be covered for $20,000 of vet bills for dogs, and $15,000 of vet bills for cats. The third party liability cover is increased to $5 million with this option. 

What’s covered by Petplan Equine Insurance?

The base Petplan Equine Insurance policy essentially covers the cost of mortality, theft and straying. This means you will be covered for either the market value or the sum insured (the cheapest at the time of claim), in the unfortunate event your horse passes away, is lost or stolen, or needs to be euthanised on humane grounds. 

Or, you can opt for the Horse liability Plan for third party insurance, or the Veteran Plan – which is a separate plan covering certain costs if your horse passes away. Add-ons – at an additional cost – include vet fee cover, permanent loss of use, saddlery tack cover, horse float cover and disposal after death.

What add-ons and discounts does Petplan offer?

With each Petplan dog and cat insurance policy, there is the option to purchase add-ons – including up to $1000 for death from illness, and up to $1000 for death from injury. And, for all Petplan pet insurance policies, you may be eligible for a multi-pet discount if you take out Petplan pet insurance for three or more pets.

About Petplan

Petplan was first established in the UK more than 35 years ago, and spread its roots into New Zealand in 2008, where it now offers four different main pet insurance plans. This pet insurer states to pride itself on its commitment to pets’ welfare, along with its strong relationship with vets throughout New Zealand. 

Written by: Olivia Fairhurst | Last updated: July 19, 2019

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