Will your online Christmas shopping arrive in time?

Left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, with no time to get to the shops? Not a problem – select Express Shipping and avoid the crowds and the stress.

There’s no denying that we like to leave our Christmas shopping to the last minute – the year seems to fly by and suddenly it’s December again and we’re wondering whether we really want to brave the shops. Maybe Aunt Grace would be happy with some of our half-used bath bombs and a chocolate bar from the service station…?

Give Aunt Grace something better. Get online, select Express Shipping, and continue life as normal while you wait for your gifts to arrive.

If you need some guidance before you just jump online looking for presents, one easy principle is to go to the online store for the places you would normally have visited in person.

When you can expect it to arrive

I did all of my Christmas shopping online through several different retailers this November, and was delighted by the service from most retailers. I used the Express Shipping option for everything, and the results were impressive, varying from next-day delivery to just 4 business days. Even the goods I ordered in the last few days of November have arrived the day after I ordered them.

Here are your standard expected delivery times during the December rush:

  • Express Shipping: Goods should arrive within 7 days to destinations within New Zealand.
  • Standard New Zealand Post shipping: Goods should arrive in 14 days to destinations within New Zealand.

As for sending gifts to other people in the post, final dates to get a gift to your loved ones in the post in time for Christmas are on the NZ Post website:

  • New Zealand shipping: You should aim to get your gifts in the post by 18 December for normal post, or 23 December for Courier deliveries.
  • International shipping: You should aim to get your gifts in the post by 11 December if you’re shipping Express – and earlier if you’ve chosen Air or Courier shipping.

So don’t stress about Christmas! Start now and you’ll be done in no time.

Check out the gorgeous Christmas-themed stained glass stamps from New Zealand Post if you’re looking for a personal touch when posting your presents.

Why we love shopping online

These days, shopping online for Christmas just makes sense. After all, we do everything else online because it’s just so much more convenient for our busy lifestyle.

Not only do we want to shop online, but we want our retailers to have a good mobile platform. A recent Canstar Blue NZ survey of more than 2,300 Kiwi adults found that 65% of Gen Y and 45% of Gen X use online banking through a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Even the seniors were getting in on the act, with 20% of Baby Boomers using their phone to do their online banking.

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