Essential Tips for Building a New Home

Where does one begin when it comes to building a new home? Build7’s Matt and Jolanda Williams break down the steps you need to take.

When building a new home, the journey from the initial idea to the finished product has many steps. Many of those steps are entirely up to you, but there is some tried and tested advice we can give that may help you navigate the path ahead. We can also assure you that the destination is entirely worth it! Designing and building a new home is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences; keep the moments between comfortable and straightforward with the following tips.

Determine Your Level of Investment Early

While for some it might seem to dampen the excitement of building a new home, understanding your level of investment is crucial to keeping the build journey smooth and stress-free. It’s best to be certain of how much capital you have available to work with, including cash and loans. Consider the ongoing costs of maintaining and servicing a new home: the utilities, additional landscaping and other spending relevant to your lifestyle and goals. Take into account property rates and insurance. Awareness of these figures will make for fewer rude surprises down the track, less stress and more enjoyment of the building process.

Prepare a Detailed List of Must-Haves

The secret to an effective design brief is in the details. Do everyone involved a favour by coming prepared with your wish list, no matter how long. Designing a home for your family or goals means that you get to voice your wants, desires and needs. To achieve that goal, be ready to describe what your dream home looks like, works like and feels like. When you have a clear idea of what you’re after, you’ll be more confident in decision-making and use your budget more effectively. You’ll also feel that you’re in control of the outcome of conversations regarding your build.

Choose Your Peanut Gallery Wisely

We all have significant influences in our lives, whether they be parents, siblings, cousins, kids, or even our pets, for that matter. While many of us want to keep everyone happy, it’s vital to remember that this is YOUR build. You are in charge, and what makes YOU happy is the most important concern. If you’re planning to involve others, ensure that you have people in your corner that will dream with you and support you. Nothing kills excitement like negativity, arguments or unsolicited opinions. Be selective about what, and who, you bring with you.

First Home

If You Don’t Know, Ask

There’s no need to go it alone when building a new home; your builder should be with you every step of the way. There are many details, factors and terms used in the home construction environment; we don’t expect you to know or understand them all! From start to finish, you should feel that you can rely on your builder and their team to answer your questions and do their best to remedy your concerns.

Leave Comparison at the Door

Your home is and should be an expression of you. One trap people fall into often is the trap of comparison, or keeping up with the Joneses. This tendency is a sure-fire way to undermine the joy of building, and should be avoided. Do your best to stay in your lane and draw inspiration from your list and your life. Sure, there may be things that your mate has that you’d like too, and that’s fine! Just be sure to focus on what you want and can afford. Never try to keep up with others. You’re an original, and your home should be, too.

Never Give in to Pressure

Sometimes, the pressure to make a decision can begin to mount. That’s an uncomfortable place to be, which is why you shouldn’t given in to undue pressure. Sometimes, the amount of time it takes to decide, financial factors or uncertainty can add stress to what could otherwise be a simple decision. If you’re feeling the pressure, take a moment to do what you need to do to think clearly and see past it. Hasty decisions are often regretful ones, and we all hate buyers’ remorse. Commit to what you can, and major on the majors. Focussing on what is truly important will ground you when the day is done.

Prepare To Be Flexible

Things change. Things don’t always go to plan. It’s a fact of life. While your build team should ensure that things go smoothly and finish on time, sometimes things happen. To tell you they don’t would be untrue.

A useful skill is the ability to be flexible and keep a healthy perspective when speed-bumps present themselves. At Build7, we have decades of combined experience behind us. We’re ready to tackle every possible challenge, and to make plans to ensure they don’t eventuate. In the end, remaining calm and cooperative makes that process a whole lot easier.

Keeping a handle on these seven tips can make for a world of difference when building. We hope that when you next build, you’ll feel equipped and confident to start down the pathway to your new home.

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Matt Williams is a member of the Build7 team serving Central Otago alongside his wife, Jolanda. Matt brings a thorough and attentive approach to each client’s project, helping them to understand the details, and guiding them every step of the way. You can contact Matt here.

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