What is Flybuys and is it Worth it?

Earning rewards from your everyday expenses sounds like a great idea, but does it really work? Canstar explores what Flybuys is and whether it’s worth considering.

What is Flybuys?

Flybuys is the largest loyalty program in New Zealand, boasting over 2.4 million members. Members earn Flybuys by shopping with partnered retailers or by completing surveys and reviews. These Flybuys can then be converted into the user’s selected reward currency, such as Flybuys points to spend in the Flybuys store, on fuel discounts, or for online purchases at supermarkets.

How much are Flybuys worth?

The spend amount per Flybuys varies store to store, although the common ratio is typically $25 = 1 Flybuys. However, some partnered retailers go as low as $10 = 1 Flybuys. A list of Flybuys’ partnered stores can be found here.

You earn Flybuys through partnered stores, and then the Flybuys are converted into reward currencies at different rates. If your chosen reward currency is Flybuys Points then, effectively, your Flybuys convert straight into Points as you earn them (1 Flybuys = 1 Point).

However, if your reward currency is Pumped Fuel Discounts or New World Dollars, then you will earn Flybuys until you hit the threshold needed to automatically earn a reward. For Pumped Fuel Discounts, every 4 Flybuys will convert into a 3c per litre Fuel Discount, and for New World Dollars, every 28 Flybuys will convert into 5 New World Dollars that are loaded onto your chosen New World Clubcard.

Once Flybuys are converted into a reward currency, they can’t be changed into another reward currency, or back to Flybuys.

Do Flybuys points expire?

Flybuys points last three years before expiring. To prevent Flybuys points from expiring, the oldest ones are always used first when you purchase an item from the Flybuys store.

What is the Flybuys store?

The Flybuys store is an online store that allows you to spend your Flybuys points on anything the store offers. Choose from:

  • Popular retailer gift cards
  • Cooking appliances
  • Electronics
  • Homeware
  • Toys
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Health and beauty products
  • And much more

Link your Flybuys account to a credit card

If you have a BNZ Advantage Classic or BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum Card, you can link it to your Flybuys account. This enables you to earn Flybuys on your total credit card spend, regardless of your location, even when shopping at non-Flybuys stores.

Using your linked credit card at a partnered retailer will earn you double the points: for using your credit card and for shopping with a Flybuys partner.

To compare the best rewards credit cards in the market, just hit on the link below:

Compare Credit Card Providers with Canstar

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