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CANSTAR star ratings reports are the best way to find and compare costs, features and fees across five star rated personal loans in the New Zealand market.

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CANSTAR star ratings are a benchmark to help you compare financial products based on their rates and features.

Only the top 5-10% of products are awarded the prestigious five star status.

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Articles - Personal Loans

Which loan is right for me? Choosing the right type of loan

Which loan is right for me? We look at the different options and their pros and cons, including store finance, redraw, credit card and personal loan.

What to think about before you apply

You'll need a game plan in order to make a personal loan work. Here are some important things consider before jumping into debt.

5 things to look for in a personal loan

When it comes to paying for a big ticket item, and you don’t have the cash handy, it helps to know the types of personal debt arrangements you can make.

Options for financing cars

Options for financing cars

You want a new set of wheels, but you don’t have the savings to pay cash. Welcome to the financial world of most Kiwis!

Keeping your vehicle safe from theft

Keeping your car safe

There were more than 17,800 vehicles stolen in New Zealand in 2012. Police advise that car thieves generally fit into one of four profiles...

Personal loans versus overdrafts and hire purchase

Purchasing goods directly from the store can be an advantage overdraft facilities, but taking out a personal loan can be the smarter option.

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