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Travelling to Greece? Take several payment options

Travelling to Greece? Take several payment options

With banks closed and limited ATM withdrawals though – as well as the possibility that Greece could exit the Euro – travellers to Greece need to make sure that they have several payment options up their sleeve.

Grexit: What is it? What would a Grexit mean?

Grexit: What is it? What would a Grexit mean?

The world sharemarkets have been fluctuating wildly in the last few days – and the possible and probable exit of Greece from the Eurozone will ensure that we continue to be in for a rocky ride.

Businesses must be mobile friendly

Businesses must be mobile friendly

Recent research from Colmar Brunton  on the mobile shopping habits of New Zealanders has revealed a rapid rise in the ownership of mobile devices over the past two years, leading to some clear mobile shopping trends. Colmar Brunton CEO Jacqueline Ireland says based on the company’s online survey, 75% of Kiwis now own a smartphone [...]

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