How to Renew a NZ Passport

If you’re planning a trip abroad, you might want to check your passport before you go. The last thing you want is to miss your holiday because your passport has expired. Canstar explains how to renew your passport.

NZ adult passports last for ten years, but that time can fly by between international trips and, before you know it, your passport needs renewing. So how do you renew a NZ passport?

When should I renew my passport?

You might think your passport only needs renewing if it has expired. However, you can apply to renew your passport if:

  • Your passport is out of date
  • You change your name
  • Your passport is lost, stolen or damaged

Note, you can renew your passport at any time, even if it hasn’t expired.

How to renew a NZ passport

You have two options for renewing your NZ passport:

  • Renew online
  • Fill out a paper application form

Renew online

What do I need to renew my passport online?

To renew your passport online you must be aged 16 or older and have:

  • An existing passport (even if it’s expired, stolen or lost)
  • RealMe login
  • Passport photo
  • A device with internet access and a camera
  • An emergency contact
  • Identity referee
  • A credit, debit or Prezzy card

As you can expect, it is faster (and cheaper) to renew your passport online, as you do not have to pay for postage, wait for delivery or wait for extra processing.

You can apply for a passport renewal online here.

Fill out a form

If you do not have internet access, you will have to renew your passport via a paper application. To complete this application, you must be 16 years or over and:

  • You are applying for your first NZ passport, or
  • Your name has changed since your last passport was issued, or
  • You are replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, or
  • You are replacing your emergency travel document

To complete a paper application you will need:

  • Two recent colour photos of yourself (identical)
  • A person over the age of 16 and has a valid NZ passport to act as a witness
  • The correct application fee (see below)

A NZ passport renewal form can be found here.

Renewing a child’s passport

Child passports are valid for five years. Once a child turns 16 their passport is valid until it expires or is cancelled, after that they will need to renew their passport as an adult. To renew a child’s passport online, you must have:

  • An existing child’s passport, even if it’s expired, lost, damaged or stolen
  • RealMe login (this can be created during the application process)
  • Passport photo
  • A non-family member who has known your child for more than one year, or since birth, to act as an identity referee
  • A credit, debit or Prezzy card

How much does it cost to renew a passport?

Standard passport service (takes up to five weeks to be processed)

  • Adult passport: $206
  • Child passport: $120

Urgent passport service (takes up to three working days to be processed)

  • Adult passport: $412
  • Child passport: $326

Please note that a passport may be renewed on the same travel day, or within two days*. If you require this service, apply online and then call Te Mata Uruwhenua Identity and Passports. Contact details can be found here.

And once you receive your new passport, don’t forget to sign it. Your passport is not valid unless you have signed it on page three. All adults, and children aged 10 and over, must sign their passport.

*Additional fees apply.

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