Electric Motorbikes: What’s Available in New Zealand?

Canstar reveals the top selling electric motorbikes and scooters in New Zealand.

Hybrid and electric cars now make up a third of all new cars on our roads. However, electric motorbikes are yet to prove as popular.

Major bike manufacturers haven’t embraced electric power, and those electric motorcycles that are available come with lower speeds and range than ICE models, plus far heftier price tags.

However, that’s not to say that electric motorbikes are absent from the market. And some smaller, niche brands have achieved quite a few new registrations over the past year, notably homegrown brands UBCO and FTN Motion.

Here Canstar runs through the most popular electric motorbikes and scooters in New Zealand.

Top-selling Electric Motorbikes in NZ

Make Model 2023 Registrations
UBCO 2×2 231
FTN Motion Streetdog 150
Mangosteen M1 32
Horwin EK1 32
Lima M9 32
Niu NQI Sport 29
UBCO 2×2

UBCO 2×2

Kiwi brand UBCO stands out above the competition as the country’s most popular electric motorbike. It delivers a top speed of 50kph and a range of up to 120km. The motorbike features all-wheel drive with two motors, and can carry up to 150kg. UBCO’s full range features a number of special bike fit-outs, including accessories for farming and hunting.

  • Power: 2 x 1kW motors
  • Price: from approx $7600
FTN Motion Streetdog


FTN Motion Streetdog

FTN Motion is another homegrown brand, and its Streetdog plays on the styling of classic cafe racers to deliver an electric ride to propel you around the urban landscape in style. The Streetdog has a top speed of 50km, and a 80km range, plus it has 30l of secure storage.

  • Power: 3kW motor
  • Price: $12,000
Mangosteen M1

Mangosteen M1

The M1 boasts some distinctive styling, and describes itself as more an electric scooter than an electric motorbike. This is reflected in its more limited range, just 40km on a single charge, although it has a top speed of 55km/h and a load capacity of 200kg. It’s available in both road and off-road models.

  • Power: 2kW motor
  • Price: street-legal version approx $2300
Horwin EK1

Horwin EK1

The Horwin EK1 boasts the classic styling of European-designed scooters, with none of the noise or emissions. It has a range of up to 80km and a top speed of 50km/h. The scooter has a removeable 72V 36Ah battery

  • Power: 2kW motor
  • Price: $5295 plus ORC of $285


Lima M9

Lima M9

The Lima M9 has a top speed of 45km/h and a range of up to 80km, depending on usage. It has hydrolic suspension and loads of underseat storage.

  • Power: 1.5kW motor
  • Price: $2800

Niu NQI Sport

Niu NQI Sport

The NIU boasts a super-reliable Bosch motor, and an extended range of up to 80km. It has cruise control, and an electronic braking system (EBS) that works in combination with dual disc brakes to provide safety and extended range. The Niu NQI Sport also has upgradable software that allows you to wirelessly improve its performance through the nifty NIU app, that also delivers real-time performance data.

  • Power: 2.4kW motor
  • Price: $4699

How much do electric motorcycles cost to run?

Just like conventional ICE vehicles, the amount of energy an electric motorcycle uses depends on how you use it. The faster you travel, the more energy you’ll use. You’ll also use more electricity the heavier your load, or if you’re crossing rugged or steep terrain.

However, the running costs of electric motorcycles are tiny, around 1c per km, and easy to calculate. The bikes and scooters above have electric motors ranging from 1.5kW to 3kW. This indicates how much electricity they use running at full speed for an hour.

Currently, the average cost of power per kilowatt-hour in New Zealand is 33.74c. So using that average, the hourly max running cost of each of the above motorbikes/scooters works out to:

Make Motors Max running cost per hour
UBCO 2kW 67.5c
FTN Motion 3kW 101.25c
Mangosteen 2kW 67.5c
Horwin 2kW 67.5c
Lima 1.5kW 50.6c
Niu 2.4kW 81c

However, you’ve got to remember that these are maximum running costs, and you are unlikely to spend an entire hour cruising at top speed, meaning your real-world running costs are likely to be much lower.

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