AA Health Insurance: NZ’s Favourite Health Insurer 2022

For the second year in a row, Kiwis have rated AA Health Insurance as the best health insurer in the country, and the winner of Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers | Health Insurance Award for 2022.

The AA may be best known for coming to the rescue at roadside breakdowns, but its range of insurance products extends to safeguarding family health, too.

Here in New Zealand, we enjoy the benefits of free and subsidised healthcare. And, as a result, many of us feel we don’t need a private health insurance plan.

But while free healthcare is great at handling urgent and life-threatening medical events, the reality is that most medical procedures are non-urgent. This can lead to long wait times and a lack of personal health-care options.

It’s in such times of stress that private health insurance can deliver peace of mind. It offers access to the private healthcare system, so you can get the best care available, and quickly. It’s this reassurance that motivates a third of Kiwis to pay for health insurance.

In addition, health insurance can also help alleviate the everyday expenses that don’t typically fall under our public healthcare system, such as dental, glasses and contacts, and physiotherapy.

So if you’re interested in taking out a health insurance policy, or are looking to change providers, read on to discover why AA Health Insurance has been voted NZ’s top provider by its own customers, for the second year in a row.

AA Insurance: New Zealand’s favourite health insurance

As part of our mission to help consumers make the right choice, we surveyed 1270 Kiwis with a current health insurance plan, to rate their provider across the following categories:

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Comprehensiveness of Cover
  • Cost
  • Customer Service
  • Value for Money

And according to Kiwis, AA Health Insurance is the way to go, as this year’s Most Satisfied Customers | Health Insurance Award winner.

AA Health Insurance scores excellently in this year’s survey results. It’s the only provider to earn top marks for Overall Satisfaction, and the only provider to earn 5 Stars for Value for Money, which Kiwis rate as the No.1 driver of their satisfaction with their insurer.

It scores another 5-Star mark for Cost, so not only can you expect cheap premiums, but you can expect to get plenty of bang for your buck, too.

In all other categories, AA Health Insurance earns excellent 4-Star ratings.

AA Health Insurance: what’s on offer?

AA Health Insurance offers three plans, each providing different levels of cover:

  • Everyday
  • Private Hospital
  • Private Hospital & Specialist


The most affordable option, Everyday health insurance cover includes:

  • Dental
  • GP consultations
  • Physiotherapy
  • Glasses and contact lenses

Under the Everyday policy, AA will reimburse you 60% of the cost of the above expenses up to $900 (benefit limits apply).

Private Hospital

This covers diagnostics, surgeries and treatment in private hospitals, including:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Hospital diagnostics and specialist consultations
  • Non-surgical hospitalisation
  • Parent accommodation
  • Post-hospital home nursing
  • Physiotherapy and therapeutic care
  • Pre-existing cover for newborns
  • Specialist skin lesion surgery
  • Ambulance transfer

There is also the option to add non-PHARMAC plus, which subsidises the cost of non-PHARMAC-funded medication.

Private Hospital & Specialist

Covers everything in Private Hospital cover, plus:

  • CT, MRI and PET scans
  • Diagnostic investigations
  • Follow-up investigation for cancer
  • GP minor surgery
  • Intravitreal eye injections
  • Obstetrics (for risk factors)
  • Specialist consultations, etc

There is also the option to add non-PHARMAC plus, which subsidises the cost of non-PHARMAC-funded medication.

For more on AA Health Insurance’s win and our full award ratings, click on the button below.

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