What could you do with a concierge?

Co-authors: Adam Beau and Ellie McLachlan

If you have a platinum credit card, you may be able to take advantage of a complimentary concierge service for things like booking tickets and reservations.

Ever dreamed of living the high life, of having your own chef, chauffeur or butler? While such pampering is out of reach for most, scoring your own 24/7 personal concierge service could be easier than you think.

While credit card rewards such as frequent flyer points, cash back, merchandise, and gift cards are well-known and well-utilised by cardholders, some consumers are unaware of another benefit attached to most platinum credit cards: a personal concierge service.

Which credit cards offer a concierge service?

You will need the right type of platinum or rewards credit card to take advantage of concierge services. Rewards cardholders may be eligible for certain personal concierge services redeemable through a rewards points system.

The table below displays a snapshot of premium credit cards on Canstar’s database that offer a concierge service at the time of writing (4/12/18). The products displayed are sorted by Star rating (highest to lowest).

Company Card Star Rating Purchase Rate Annual Fee
ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum 5 Stars 20.95% $150
ASB Visa Platinum 5 Stars 19.95% $80
BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum Cash Rewards 5 Stars 18.95% $90
BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum Fly Buys  5 Stars 18.95% $90
Kiwibank Airpoints Platinum Mastercard  5 Stars 20.95% $150
Westpac Airpoints Platinum Mastercard  5 Stars 20.95% $145
ANZ Cashback Visa Platinum 4 Stars 20.95% $125 ($0 in first year)
Westpac Airpoints World Mastercard 4 Stars 16.95% $390
Westpac hotpoints Platinum Mastercard 4 Stars 20.95% $125
Westpac hotpoints World Mastercard  4 Stars 16.95% $390

Source: www.canstar.co.nz. Rates and fees as at 4 December 2018.

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What is a platinum credit card concierge service?

A concierge service is a number you can call to reach a well-informed assistant – the concierge. The concierge can help you organise a fairly wide range of goods and services, as well as providing some advice, information and other assistance.

While most of us will tend to consult Google, a concierge can save you time and quite often money – though keep in mind these cards often come with a hefty annual fee, so you will need to weigh up whether the cost is worth it. In the busy lives many of us lead these days, this is a luxury (but not one everyone can afford).

Complimentary concierge services are available with many platinum credit cards and sometimes with other types of premium credit cards as well, but it’s important to consider whether these types of cards are the best option for you and your financial circumstances.

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What does a credit card with a concierge service cost?

The annual fee on premium credit cards generally ranges from $150 per year to upwards of $700 per year depending on the card you choose. You also need to consider the interest rate on any purchases you make using the card, which can be as high as 25% p.a.

There is a long list of services a concierge can organise for you, but the question is: can you justify the cost? The concierge service may be complimentary, but the credit cards that come with this service are certainly not free. It’s worth finding out whether a platinum credit card is worth it and how platinum credit cards are different from other premium credit cards.

If having a platinum credit card suits your personal circumstances, a personal concierge could be just a toll-free phone number away.

What can a concierge do for me?


Need a recommendation for a good restaurant near the Piazza San Marco in Venice? Or a tour of the Grand Canyon? Perhaps you would simply like to know where the best antique shops are in Auckland, or whether it’s possible to rent a green limousine.

Many platinum or ‘premium’ cards on the New Zealand market come with some form of concierge service and there is an extensive list of potential assistance they can provide. The electronic errands that your personal concierge can run for you are almost endless. Here’s just a few:

1. Get event details and book it

Let’s say you’re heading to New York next month and are wondering what might be playing on Broadway. Your concierge service may be able to not only email you a summary of the performances but also organise the purchase of tickets.

2. Fine dining reservations

Want dinner before or after the show? Why not ask your concierge service if they can email you a list of well-recommended fine dining experiences in the close vicinity, plus make a booking at your venue of choice.

 3. Book a getaway

Perhaps it’s not New York but New South Wales, and a buck’s weekend rather than the trip-of-a-lifetime. A concierge may be able to source rental accommodation large enough to sleep your mates, a limousine to transport you there and a list of takeaway venues within walking distance of your pad. Plus the available tee-off times – and a booking – at the local golf course.

4. Purchase gifts

Whether it’s a nice floral arrangement, some perfume, a gift basket or a large bunch of balloons, your concierge service may be able to source, buy and organise delivery of a range of appropriate gift options.

There are plenty of other services your concierge service may be able to do, including:

  1. Provide flight information and book flights
  2. Source, purchase and deliver tickets for theatre shows, concerts, festivals, museums and sporting events
  3. Source and arrange hospitality packages for accommodation or dining
  4. Provide details and procuring invitations to events and shows in cities worldwide
  5. Organise referrals and reservations for fine dining, restaurants, hotels, car rental and health clubs
  6. Mail or fax travel destination packages (major cities only)
  7. Provide golf tee time information and reservations
  8. Provide information about where to find the best shops
  9. Organise floral arrangement and delivery
  10. Party planning for special occasions
  11. Book appointments with a hairstylist or makeup artist for a special event
  12. Book appointments with a qualified personal fitness trainer
  13. Book massage therapy
  14. Provide referrals to conferences and other business services
  15. Arrange and refer computer rentals and audio-visual equipment
  16. Help with relocating to another country

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