Five things a concierge could do for you

Perhaps it’s something to do with the “every child wins a prize” philosophy, but it seems that we all want to be rewarded for everything nowadays. Even for spending money! If you have a platinum or otherwise premium credit card, one form of reward that you may not be utilising all that much – but which could be very useful – is a concierge service.

That’s right: (almost) your own, personal butler.

For those not in the know, many platinum and otherwise-premium credit cards offer a complimentary concierge service, generally in the form of a telephone number that can be used, 24 hours a day, to request a fairly wide range of (always legal and ethical) lifestyle services. Here are five examples of what a concierge may be able to do for you.

  1. Provide event details. Let’s say you’re heading to New York next month and are wondering what might be playing on Broadway. Your concierge service may be able to not only email you a summary of the performances, but also organise the purchase of tickets.
  2. Plus a fine dining reservation. Want dinner before/after the show? Why not ask your concierge service if they can email you a list of well-recommended fine dining experiences in the close vicinity, plus make a booking at your venue of choice.
  3. Book a getaway. Perhaps it’s not New York but Wellington and a quick weekend away rather than a trip-of-a-lifetime. A concierge may be able to source rental accommodation of the size and style that you want, details of rental car hire businesses and a list of takeaway or restaurant venues within walking distance of your pad.
  4. Organise a cleaner. Sometimes the household chores are overwhelming. If it’s time for a domestic cleaner (or gardener) for either a  one-off spring clean or a regular gig, a concierge may be able to give you a list of cleaners and/or gardeners in your local area.
  5. Health and wellness. If it’s your fitness level rather than your house that needs a spring clean and regular checkup, why not ask your concierge for a list of personal trainers working in your area, as well as a list of gyms and associated membership fees?

There are plenty of other services that your concierge service may be able to do. And while any purchases will cost you money, making use of the concierge service can potentially save you a lot of time.

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