Fuel Apps and Websites That can Help You Save on Petrol

Rising petrol prices are eating into an increasingly large chunk of the weekly budget. And for many Kiwis, it’s a concern. So how can technology help you out? Canstar takes a look at fuel apps that can help you save on petrol.

Fuel apps and websites to help you save

You don’t have much choice when it comes to fuel apps and websites in New Zealand. But, the ones we do have do what they need to. They help you find the cheapest fuel in your area and save you money.


Fuelio offers a range of benefits to users, including:

  • Track fill-ups, mileage log, gas costs, gas consumption and GPS location
  • Manage vehcile expenses and organise them into various categories
  • Service station fuel prices

However, fuel prices are provided using crowdsourcing, meaning active users must report and update fuel prices within the area. Therefore, not all petrol stations may be displayed, or fuel prices can be out of date. Click here to download Fuelio via the App Store or Google Play.


Although it doesn’t offer discounts, this great little app is basically a list of prices from most of the service stations across the country. It’s kept up-to-date by hundreds of thousands of drivers just like you, who upload prices from their local service stations.

This helps keep all the information current, and you to find the cheapest deal in your area. Simply type in your location, how far you are prepared to travel, and the app will do the rest. Click here to link through to the Gaspy site.


CardLink is a fuel card management company used by businesses that purchase fuel for fleets of vehicles. Its PriceWatch website provides a snapshot of all the fuel transactions it processes throughout New Zealand.

The info is updated on a daily basis, and you can drill down region to region and suburb to suburb to get exact pricing from a range of service stations.

While it doesn’t cover all fuel retailers, it includes all the big players: BP, Caltex, Mobil, Z, Challenge, Gull, g.a.s and Waitomo.


Sharetank is offered through the Z app and allows you to pre-buy fuel on the app at today’s prices. You can buy as little as 2l, or as much as 1000l of petrol or diesel. You can then top up your tank at any Z station in NZ.

As an added feature, you can pre-buy fuel and share it with up to five friends or family-members.

On bonus litre days you are rewarded with free litres when you pre-buy 150l or more.

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How else can you save?

Fuel cards/loyalty programs

Essentially all fuel retailers in New Zealand offer some sort of discount/rewards program. These tend to offer at least 6c off the marked price of petrol. Some of your options include:

  • Z and Caltex– Pumped rewards program delivers fuel discounts. Customers are able to earn their choice of Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars
  • BP and g.a.s. – the AA Smartfuel program delivers fuel savings
  • Mobil – the Mobil Smiles Driver Rewards program provides fuel discounts and points offers
  • Gull – Gull’s Discount Day promotion offers fuel discounts on select days each month. Customers sign up for email and/or text alerts
  • Challenge – the My Challenge rewards program provides customers fuel discounts. SuperGold and Grey Power cardholders receive an additional discount. Customers can also earn My Challenge points, which can be redeemed for in-store rewards.
  • NPD – customers can access fuel discounts by using the SuperGold Card at participating manned NPD sites and via NPD’s Discount Days promotion. Customers can sign up for email and/or text alerts, and to receive notifications about discounts and promotions at NPD self-serve sites, and can also use fuel dockets from any supermarkets for discounts of up to 12c per litre
  • Waitomo – customers who use the Waitomo app and spend $20 or more in a transaction will unlock Waitomo’s spinning wheel for a chance to win prizes. Customers who reach monthly targets unlock a scratchie for bigger wins.

Kora fuel card

Kora is a company offering fuel cards with the aim of providing petrol discounts for all. Kora’s aim is to provide a fuel card that doesn’t require you to be a business running a whole fleet of vehicles, and one that doesn’t rely on minimum spends, loyalty programs or rewards.

Kora fuel cards offer everyday Kiwis 10c per litre off of fuel. Which, for the most part, beats individual retailer cards like Mobil Smiles cards, AA SmartFuel, Z and Caltex’s Pumped program. Special promotions aside, these all tend to offer customers just 6c a litre off.

However, while most petrol rewards cards are free, Kora costs $2 per month. And if you lose your card(s), you can be charged a replacement fee.

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Supermarket coupons/discounts

PAK’nSAVE has its own petrol stations at many of its locations across the country. And you can receive discounts on this fuel when you spend at a PAK’nSAVE store.

But participating Countdown and New World stores also offer fuel discounts that can be redeemed either at their own fuel sites or participating stations.

Watch your driving

How you drive impacts fuel economy. To get the best fuel economy out of your vehicle:

  • Drive smoothly
  • Don’t speed
  • Avoid unnecessary short trips
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads
  • Use air-con over winding down the window. Or, better still, don’t use air-con at all!

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