2018 budgeting & savings apps worth checking out

Looking to take control of your finances, but don’t know where to start? Your smartphone could possibly help

you, thanks to these budgeting and savings apps.

There’s no doubt that saving money, tracking expenses and sticking to an allocated budget can be tough, not to mention that it actually takes time to build towards your goals. Interestingly, as you can say for just about anything nowadays, there’s an app for that, and budgeting is certainly no exception. Of the near-endless amount of budgeting and savings apps out there, we’ve compiled a list of those that have piqued our attention.

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We’ve written a guide on apps and digital banking money management tools that banks provide. You can check that out, here.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what other money management apps are out there.

best budgeting and savings apps for 2018

Splitwise – Bill Splitting App

Cost: Free

Operating systems: iOS, Android

Whether you’re figuring out how much of the electricity bill you should be paying, or who owes what at the end of a nice dinner, Splitwise is a piece of software that can make your life a lot easier. It even allows you to write IOUs to help figure out the little expenses between friends.

Westpac CashNav

Cost: Free to Westpac customers

Operating systems: iOS, Android

Westpac NZ’s Money management app that automatically tracks and categorises your spending. For more detail on CashNav, check out our interview with Westpac.

Sharesies – Investment App

Cost: $30 annual fee

Sharesies is a New Zealand financial start-up company, supported by Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator. This is an investment platform, where users can make investments with small amounts of money. One of its missions, is to make investment fun, easy and affordable. The main selling point of Sharesies is by paying a $30 annual fee, an investor can invest into multiple investments with the minimum at just $5. Also, there is a $20 credit for the early Beta investor.

My SuperLife – Investment App

Cost: Free

Operating systems: iOS, Android

My SuperLife is an easy, quick and secure way to access your SuperLife accounts at any time. With this app, you can stay right up to date with your KiwiSaver, retirement savings, insurances, and how you are tracking to get your maximum member tax credit (MTC). The app lets you see the most up-to-date details of:

  • your KiwiSaver account balances
  • your investment returns;
  • other SuperLife savings;
  • your insurance cover;
  • how you are tracking to get your maximum member tax credit (MTC) under KiwiSaver.

Expensify – Tax Claims App

Cost: Free

Operating systems: iOS, Android

Expensify is just starting to take off and can really be a life changer if you’re trying to claim expenses, come tax time. Expensify allows users to scan receipts and categorise by date, time, merchant and amount, and puts it all in a useful file that’s ready to print off and send to your accountant. Too easy!

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