What dog is right for me quiz: Bow Wow Meow

Beagle or Blue Heeler? Labrador or Lithuanian? Here’s a fun way to find out what dog breed might suit your household.

Kiwis are a nation of pet owners. According to Roy Morgan Research, 58% of us have at least one dog or cat. So Bow Wow Meow’s Breed Selector tool is likely to be popular! This online tool helps you find the dog breed that would be the best fit as a pet for your household.

Bow Wow Meow invested in developing this tool after research in their wide database of pet insurance customers revealed that dog owners often find it difficult to get good advice when trying to choose a breed to buy or adopt.

The tool was created with a team of specialist dog trainers who went through a rigorous process in determining the core factors that affect compatibility when it comes to man and his best friend. Of course, every dog has its own unique personality, but there are many generalisations that can be made about each breed.

“In the real world the choice of dog breeds is very large and growing constantly, with more and more so-called ‘designer’ or ‘hybrid’ breeds now available. We have found that there is a tendency for people to choose a breed on looks alone, without sufficient consideration of other factors. However, we know that even more important in determining breed compatibility are factors like energy levels, temperament, characteristics, training and care needs.” – Bow Wow Meow

Not sure about the suggestions made? You can always give the Purina breed selector tool a try instead. And don’t worry if you’re a cat lover. Optimum Pet, Animal Planet, and Purina all have breed selector tools to help you choose the perfect kitty companion.

Choosing the perfect dog breed

The Breed Selector is quick and easy, as all you have to do is answer 17 simple but surprisingly revealing questions. The tool then provides you with a shortlist of a handful of viable options for dog breeds that might suit your personality and lifestyle, based on each breed’s varying temperaments, housing preferences, and activity needs.

Whether you have no idea what you’d like or you just know that you prefer small dogs, the quiz quickly narrows down your search to find the most suitable breeds.

Even if you already know you want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the quiz can check that this breed is a good match for you or whether another breed might be a better match.

Once you’ve done the quiz and picked a breed, you can use Bow Wow Meow’s Pet Name Search tool to find the perfect name for your new Beagle or Greyhound. Then you can find a pet ID tag to suit their fur and their personality.

Things to consider when choosing a dog breed

How busy are you?

Will you have an hour a day to set aside for exercising with your dog, or would you prefer a dog that doesn’t mind having a day in now and then?

Would you like a dog who is super affectionate and thinks you are the centre of its universe, or will you get annoyed if your dog drools on your leg while you’re watching TV?

Who will be taking care of your dog?

Are you expecting your 12-year-old to be responsible for this dog, or is it more likely to be your elderly grandmother, who isn’t as mobile as she used to be?

If you have babies or young kids, there are several breeds that are remarkably calm and loyal that could make a good choice.

Where do you live?

If you live in an apartment, you’re probably thinking a small dog – at least, we hope you are.

You’ll also need to think about where the dog will hang out while you’re away at work or social events, and where the dog will sleep overnight.

Do you know dogs?

If you’re a first-timer, it’s likely the Breed Selector tool will narrow down your search options to dogs that are easy for kids or newbies to manage. On the other hand, if this will be your fifth pet dog, the tool may suggest that you are up to the task of handling a Mastiff!

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