Home & Contents Insurance & Jewellery: What You Need to Know

It’s essential to carefully check and understand your insurance policy, to ensure that expensive (but often small) items, including jewellery aren’t overlooked. Canstar explains everything you need to know about home and contents insurance and jewellery.

Does home and contents insurance cover my jewellery?

Most home and contents insurance policies will provide some level of cover for your jewellery. However, there are often limits to the amount of coverage for high-value items like jewellery.

If you want to increase the limit, you need to ask your insurer to specify your jewellery on your policy schedule. You may be charged a higher premium for this.

How do I prove what my jewellery is worth?

Some insurance policies require you to provide valuations or appraisals for high-value jewellery items to ensure proper coverage. Make sure you have documentation supporting the value of your jewellery.

You stand a better chance of a successful claim if the item has been specified – and you can back up the amount with an independent valuation.

Jewellery valuation services typically range between $45 – $130.

How often should my jewellery be appraised?

The value listed in older appraisals tends to be less accurate over time, often falling short of the appropriate insurance coverage for your jewellery. Both insurance companies and appraisers typically advise updating jewellery appraisals every two to three years to ensure adequate coverage.

What situations am I covered for?

Canstar’s Home & Contents Insurer of the Year, AA Insurance, offers two levels of home and contents insurance, each featuring varying levels of cover under different situations.

Limited Contents Insurance Contents Insurance
Burglary $2500* $5000*
Non-Forceful Theft No $5000*
Natural disaster $2500* $5000*
Fire $2500* $5000*
Damage from cleaning/restoration No No
Gradual deterioration No No

*Unless adjustable event limit has been increased.

Non-forceful theft includes situations such as forgetting jewellery in a public space, which is then stolen.

What should my policy include?

Take the time to check your insurance policy and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have enough cover under your insurance policy to replace your jewellery if it’s lost or stolen?
  • Has your jewellery had a recent valuation? Has a jeweller checked that no gemstones are loose?
  • Do you have some way of proving you own the jewellery (e.g. a receipt)?
  • Are you required to keep jewellery in a safe when you’re not wearing it?
  • Have you individually specified valuable items of jewellery on your policy?
  • Have you had a New Zealand valuation for any items purchased overseas or gifted to you?
  • What situations aren’t covered by your policy? How can you safeguard your jewellery in those circumstances?

How to make a claim

Here’s how to make sure a claim is successful:

  • Ensure the item is specified on your insurance schedule
  • Have the item(s) valued by a qualified jewellery appraiser
  • Send a copy of the valuation to your insurer
  • Have your jewellery appraised regularly
  • Take regular photographs of the item(s)
  • Keep purchase receipts
  • Ensure you comply with any special requirements stated in your policy
  • Dispute the settlement if you’re unhappy with the amount you’re offered

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