Funny television ads about credit cards

How do banks convince us we need more plastic in our wallets? By putting funny ads on TV, of course.

Here are some of the funniest ads we’ve seen on TV for credit cards.

Priceless – MasterCard

There were a whole series of the “Priceless” ads, but our favourite has to be the one with the elephant. The elephant’s zookeeper catches a cold, so the elephant goes on a quest to buy him medicine and soup to make him feel better. Since the elephant has no hands, he uses the PayPass function on his MasterCard to swipe and go.

Another great “Priceless” ad was the one with Homer Simpson.

Can I play, too? Visa

In this ad for Visa during its sponsorship of the Beijing Olympic Games, Jackie Chan wants to see the action at the Beijing Olympics, so he decides to join a sporting team. But which one? He explodes the soccer ball, and when he swings the hockey stick in a kung fu move, he nearly hurts his teammates. Then he realises he can use his Visa to buy a ticket as a spectator. Well done, Jackie.

Simon had a good idea – ANZ

This ad for ANZ’s Balance Visa tells the story of Simon, a think tank member who came up for the good idea to create a credit card that rewards people when they make repayments instead of when they spend.

Another great ANZ ad is this one about their replacement policy for credit cards, where Simon has to roleplay a bear that tries to steal Wendy’s credit card. Poor Simon.

Exterminator, please – Capital One

In this ad for Capital One, a pest has invaded one couple’s home – bankers. Apparently, to get rid of them completely, the couple must switch to a credit card with a low interest rate at a non-bank institution.

Big Boy – Citibank

In this ad for Citibank’s Simplicity card, a man on his way to work is stuck going through a never-ending list of automated computer questions before he can talk to his bank’s customer service. Instead, the ad says, the Simplicity card lets you just press “0” to speak with a real person.

The soup is too salty – Visa

In this ad for Visa, Zhang Zi Yi portrays a customer in a restaurant who says the soup is too salty. The head chef, enraged, sends his kung fu cooks to get her. She successfully defends herself, but in the process destroys the restaurant … but her Visa card should cover the damage.

International ads that need no translation

In this Delhi ad, everyone in the city is swaying because the new Citibank Delhi Metro card is here. We don’t know the words to the song, but everyone seems pretty happy about it.

In this Korean ad, you could be a giant too if you had the Shinhan card. We don’t know any Korean but we gather this is about feeling like a big, important person.

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