2018 Innovation Excellence Award

Innovation Excellence Award 2018

CANSTAR’s Innovation Excellence Award recognises the ‘stand out’ innovative financial products to launch in the New Zealand market in the last 12 months.  Using our unique rating methodology, we assess and evaluate each submission on its degree of innovation and the impact it has not only on the banking sector, but on customers too.

April 2018

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ASB Innovation Excellence Award

ASB opens door to home loan information

ASB provides an award-winning one-stop shop for home loan information, with Home Central

BNZ Innovation Excellence

BNZ rallies around business community

BNZ wins Canstar gold for its innovative co-working space, community101

ASB is on the money with business support

ASB finds an award-winning innovation to simplify everyday business practices

Innovation Excellence Award 2018

Financial innovations making life simpler for Kiwis

From 12 submissions, Canstar announces three Innovation Excellence Awards for 2018

Innovation Excellence Award Winners

Award Winners
BNZ wins Canstar award