Online Banking Awards

Westpac can be likened to the dark horse in the online banking race. In previous years the bank has been concentrating hard on taking its online banking experience to a new level. Now the dedication is paying off with the launch of ‘Westpac One’, its market-leading online banking platform. This platform has topped the scores in almost all online banking and website features we looked at to provide a user-friendly online banking service whether your weapon of choice is a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

As a customer, there’s a lot to like about Westpac’s online functionality. Its most impressive features are detailed more thoroughly in a prior section which focuses on innovation. The Westpac One online banking platform which is still evolving and has a lot more in the pipeline, offers self-service – customers can change personal details and modify limits using their smartphone online banking app. They can complete ID verification online – normally a problematic area – and advanced location services put online customers on the right track at all times.

We congratulate Westpac on their win this year and look forward to tracking their developments over the next twelve months.

The Best Online Banking Award considers a variety of criteria to help you compare internet banking products. In order to offer the most complete picture of banking online in New Zealand, we also compared online banking security, mobile phone banking, online reporting and customer support.

As we live an expanding chunk of our lives in the online world, our web interactions have become less of a novelty and more functions-based. This is particularly true of our financial dealings online. Banks are seizing the opportunity to overhaul or improve their websites and the variety of banking you can now do online with the aid of very clever smartphone apps.

We’re seeing a procession of advances in this area. Simple things like the ability to check your balance quickly without the need to log in or completing ID requirements online make a world of difference to time-poor customers. There’s no doubt that the banks have risen to the demand of this now very different way of interacting with customers.

For the third year, CANSTAR has measured what the banks are doing in the online space. Our extensive research exercise determines the level of online banking functionality and ease of use that New Zealand financial institutions have to offer. Our categories consist of functionalities for online banking through desktop and smartphones or mobiles, and, of course, the overarching virtual umbrella that is the banks’ websites.
We hope you enjoy the ride.