Everyday Banking Award

No matter where we are and what we’re doing, we all conduct financial transactions every day of our lives. Sometimes we buy and sell things using good old-fashioned cash, but more commonly our financial transactions are happening behind the scenes. Interest payments, bills being direct-debited, automatic transfers from one account to another – they are out of sight and sometimes out of mind. Then there are the manual transactions; swiping or waving a card, jumping online to do some internet banking or even just checking to see if our salary has hit the bank account yet. We deal with money every day.It stands to reason, then, that having great-value credit cards and transaction accounts is vitally important – yet we can take our everyday banking needs for granted. How often do you switch your transaction account or your credit card? It’s worth crunching the numbers periodically to see whether you should.

Fortunately we have crunched the numbers for you, looking at ten New Zealand financial institutions and analysing their credit card and transaction account products, as well as the online functionality and availability of branches and ATMs to determine which institution is deserving of the CANSTAR Bank of the Year – Everyday Banking Award.