Credit Card Rewards Star Ratings

Using a credit card as a spending vehicle, for most of us, is taking on a higher profile. For those who make a sizeable number of credit card transactions per month, thinking about upsizing to a rewards program can provide a few perks just for doing what you’re already doing.

It’s easy to get carried away with the dream of rewards but the truth is there is a rewards card that will suit most users – provided annual spending is clearly and honestly identified. The next step is to match your spending level with our profiles. Check out our 5-star rated cards and you’re on your way to finding out what sort of rewards you can expect for your spending.

Getting something back as a reward for using your credit card can be a beneficial and satisfying experience but even though most disciplined users can benefit, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t spend much on your credit card each year, or if you’re not disciplined about paying your debt off each month, it’s likely that chasing rewards points could be a waste of time. A low-rate card with or without instant rewards could be a better bet.

If you spend upwards of $12,000 annually, though, and a rewards card is in your sights, CANSTAR’s comparison and ratings will help you make the right shortlist of products to follow up on.