Business Credit Cards Star Ratings

A good credit card is essential for just about every business these days. It’s an easy method of payment for costs such as goods from suppliers, particularly those overseas. Plus, it’s handy for expenses when there’s a team, as it makes the business of account-reconciling so much smoother. Some business cards even offer GST statements.Just as one business is not the same as the next, credit cards differ according to the way they are used. Ignoring this may cost you in monetary terms or in points-based rewards that you qualify for but don’t receive. Fine tuning your business credit card account could easily help your company’s bottom line.

In this report, we look at the specialized nature of 14 business credit cards from 7 providers. We put these products through the hoops at various scenarios involving annual spend levels of $60,000 and $120,000. We compare what features they offer to the user-type they were designed to serve.

Any business needs to keep tabs on costs – and banking products are included in this. Comparing your card against what’s out there in the market just makes simple sense. Even if your current card offers outstanding value in our comparison, you need to know that.
We hope you find this report informative and useful.