How to Increase Afterpay Limit

Whether retail therapy is your go-to, or you’re just a casual gift shopper, you’re probably familiar with Afterpay. It’s a popular payment option for online and instore shopping. But what if you want to make a larger than normal purchase, is there any way to increase your Afterpay limit? Canstar explains.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) service that lets consumers make purchases and pay for them in four equal installments, with an initial payment at the time of purchase. There are no interest charges, but late fees can apply for missed payments.

What is my Afterpay limit?

Every Afterpay customer starts with a spending limit of around $600, which increases gradually over time, depending on your spending and repayment habits.

The amount of money you can spend with Afterpay will increase if you’ve had your account for a while and always pay on time. However, if you’re often late with payments or have a history of declined transactions, your spending limit will likely stay low.

How do I check my Afterpay limit?

You will be shown an estimated amount you can spend when you log into your account or app. The amount you can spend using Afterpay generally changes based on how you use your account.

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How is my spending limit determined?

Your past payment behaviour with Afterpay is a key factor in determining your spending capacity. Here are some factors to be mindful of that can influence the amount you can spend:

  • How many orders you’ve placed
  • Payment source
  • If you make payments on time/in advance
  • How often you make payments
  • Missed/late payments
  • How often you miss payments
  • How often your orders are declined due to insufficient funds

How to increase your Afterpay limit

Just as there are things that can decrease your Afterpay limit, good spending behaviour, like making payments on time, can increase your credit limit.

Here are some methods of increasing your Afterpay spending limit:

1. Regular use and on-time payments

For newcomers to Afterpay, the spending limit is usually lower compared to those who have a history of responsible usage over an extended period. In general, the longer you’ve been actively using your account and consistently meeting payment deadlines, the more likely it is that your spending limit will increase.

2. Avoid overusing Afterpay

It might sound counter intuitive, considering Afterpay rewards loyalty, but overusing Afterpay can hinder your spending limit.

Afterpay places a cap on how many orders you can have at one time. If you make lots of small purchases or have several unpaid orders, it can reduce your spending limit. It’s better to use Afterpay for bigger buys and clear your balance quickly.

3. Make sure you can meet your payments

To help increase your Afterpay limit, avoid having your purchases declined. Check your available spending limit before buying, and make sure your credit/debit card has enough money for the first payment.

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4. Ask for an increase

If you’ve used Afterpay for a while and have always paid on time, you may be able to ask for a higher spending limit. To do this, do the following:

  • Log into your Afterpay account and click the My Account section
  • Select Request a Credit Limit Increase and follow the prompts

Remember that Afterpay’s decision to increase your limit is ultimately at their discretion, and you’re not guaranteed an increase. However, Afterpay may be able to offer advice on how to improve your chances of a limit increase.

If you believe you deserve a higher limit, you can reach out to Afterpay’s customer support team and inquire about a potential limit increase. They may require some additional information before approving your request.

How to use Afterpay

To use Afterpay instore or online, you will first need to download the app. The Afterpay app can be download for iOS or Android devices, via the App Store or Google Play, respectively.

Create a profile by filling in your personal details and payment methods. Now you’re good to go! Shop from hundreds of stores, online or instore. You’ll be charged one payment up front, with three more interest free payments over the course of six weeks.

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