Where we travel over the Easter holiday

[bs-lead]Kiwis love travelling – so where did we go last Easter?[/bs_lead]

New Zealanders love to travel and we tend to make around 200,000 short-term overseas trips in any given month. Last April was no exception; we collectively racked up 202,300 overseas trips. Some of our popular destinations last April were as follows:


The island country of Indonesia is a perennially popular destination with Kiwis. Its balmy climate and warm waters, which are particularly tropical in April, just as the rains begin to ease up. This means it’s the perfect time to swoop in for your island adventures before the rest of the travellers begin to pour in.

While everyone at home may be celebrating the traditional spiritual holiday, in Bali there’s the Spirit Festival, an alternate way to get in touch with your spiritual side. Themed around fostering a harmonious relationship with society and the natural environment, the 5 day festival has plenty of dancing, music and even yoga to entertain you.

United States of America

The USA has a readily available smorgasbord of holiday activities for any time of year. But for that early spring sweet spot just around Easter, there are more than a few activities that you can sample to satisfy your holiday itch. Almost 16,000 of us travelled to the USA last April.

An easy pick that fully reaps the benefits of spring is Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival. With a compact population of just under 660,000, you’ll be sure to get a chance to look at one of the 3,000 cherry blossom trees, gifted to the capital straight from Japan.

If you want something a little less serene, why not head south to New Orleans, where the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival takes place in the latter part of April every year. With plenty of music and food, you can see why Australians flock to the US to be serenaded as the sun sets.

 Don't head overseas without travel insurance!


Just a short flight from our major cities, Australia can provide us with a quality Easter getaway not too far from home. Weather in April is Oz is settling into autumn, averaging in the mid-20’s on the average day.

Depending on your destination you could lock in a beach getaway (yes, the water will still be warm enough for swimming), a road trip or some camping. Otherwise the various capital cities in the various Australian states will offer plenty in the way of theatre, dining, art galleries and shopping.

Just because it’s a short trip over the ditch though, don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need to take travel insurance with you. While medical costs are not as much of an issue as in many other international destinations, theft, cancellation or a car accident could otherwise derail your holiday.

United Kingdom

One of the furthest destinations on the list, some Kiwis like to spend their Easter in the UK. It’s just beginning to warm up, but most places will still hold a little bit of a chill, especially for most of us coming from our still warm home towns. Edinburgh, though, has an event that might just warm up your brain from a chocolate coma.

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