Where do we want to travel to?

Want to go on holiday but aren’t quite sure about where you want to go? It might be worth looking at the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, which shows that while many Kiwis want to travel to Australia, Queensland specifically is the hot ticket destination.

792,000 Kiwis aged 14 and above named Queensland/Gold Coast/Brisbane as the place they’d most like to take a holiday in the next two years.  Domestic locations Queenstown and Wellington were first and second runner up respectively, with overseas destinations like the US and England appearing further down the list at fifth and sixth.

People’s wishes don’t always line up with the end result though, as the research also found that Wellington was the holiday destination visited most by Kiwis (10.7%), with Queensland/Gold Coast/Brisbane coming in sixth on the list (6.3%).

Wherever we end up going though, a survey conducted by Global Hotels.com has revealed that most Kiwis are wedding to their mobile phone – often to the detriment of their R&R.  The survey shows that Kiwis consider their smartphone one of their most important travel items, even more so then travel insurance, and second only to a passport.

Of course this attachment can end up having a negative impact on their holidays; one in 10 Kiwis end up regretting their excessive mobile phone use while on holiday, with 50% using their phones to check work emails, and 80% needing their phone to stay connected to social media.

So wherever you want to go on holidays, you might want to reevaluate the necessity of your mobile phone, and the frequency and way in which you use it.

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