Travelling to Thailand? Check your insurance policy

Thailand has been the subject of a number of military coups throughout its history, with the most recent coming in to force on 22nd May. What does this mean for the 4,000-odd New Zealanders who are in Thailand at any one time?

Firstly, check the policy conditions of your travel insurance! Many travel insurance policies have exclusions around hostilities and civil war. You may find that – if you incur a loss as a result of the current coup – that loss may not be covered. This will differ from policy to policy and it’s essential that you telephone your specific insurer and talk through any possible exclusions with them.

You should also monitor the government’s Safe Travel website for regular safety updates. Currently, several areas of Thailand are under a “high risk” warning.

What to ask your travel insurance provider:

If you’re in the process of jetting off to Thailand soon, here are a few questions to ask your travel insurer before you leave:

  • Are there any areas of Thailand that you shouldn’t travel to? (That is, any geographic exclusions).
  • What happens to your cover in the event that that government imposes an “extreme risk” warning to an area of the country while you are currently there?
  • Are there any particular events that you should not attend (such as, to state the obvious, political rallies…)
  • Are there any restrictions around your use of social media while you are in the country?
  • Anything else at all that your insurer can suggest to you in terms of playing it safe.

Also remember, of course, that a common exclusion within most travel insurance policies is reckless behavior. So having a few (too many) drinks and putting yourself a=in a dangerous situation is a very bi no-no.

Bottom line: play it absolutely safe, check the details of your travel insurance policy, and have a good holiday.



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