Holiday Romance Not Just For The Young

When you think of holiday flings, you always think of carefree young travellers casting destiny to the wind.  You definitely do not immediately think of someone of your parents’ or grandparents’ ages! Statistics, however, tell another story – one in ten Kiwi travellers aged 50 or over are finding romance while on holiday.

Research carried out by TNS on behalf of Southern Cross Travel Insurance, found that 11% of those over 50 have had an overseas holiday romance with a local. This figure is almost exactly the same as younger age groups.

What’s more, 34% of those over 50 who had a holiday fling hooked up with someone younger than themselves, with only 14% indulging in some fun with someone older.

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It just goes to show that holiday flings are not the exclusive domain of the young – the young at heart are getting in on the action, too. Unfortunately, in most cases, the love didn’t last, with only 25% of romances continuing after the holiday, the lowest figure across the age brackets (although it was shared with those aged between 30 and 39).

Chances are though that language wasn’t a reason for the break-up, as 80% of over 50s who had a holiday romance said they could speak the same language as their beau.

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