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Home and contents insurance can be a safety net at the worst of times, so it helps to find an insurance provider that covers you in the areas you need. Here is what Westpac’s home and contents insurance includes.

What home and contents policies does Westpac offer?

Westpac offers its customers a comprehensive home cover policy, as well as two choices of contents insurance: Full Cover and Renter’s Cover insurance. Both are underwritten by IAG New Zealand Limited.

The brand also offers optional benefits for both policies, some of which include discounts for over 50s, eligibility for multi-policy discounts and home loan cover.

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What’s on offer with Westpac’s home insurance?

According to Westpac, its comprehensive home cover policy offers customers the sum insured for accidental damage and, if you have a Westpac home loan, up to $1500/month (for three months) to cover payments.

Other benefits include:

  • Up to $2 million for legal liability
  • Up to $25,000 for temporary accommodation
  • $3000 for hidden gradual damage
  • Up to $2000 for new locks, keys and remote openers, with no excess
  • Up to $2000 for temporary fixes for your home after damage, with no excess
  • Fatal injury benefit
  • Damage before sale cover
  • A $1000 stress payment should you lose your home completely 

What’s on offer with Westpac’s contents insurance?

Westpac has two choices for contents insurance, Full Cover or Renter’s Cover.

Full Cover contents insurance offers customers new for old replacements for most household items regardless of age, plus:

  • Cover for expensive items such as camera equipment and jewellery
  • Up to $2000 for new locks, keys and remote openers
  • Up to $2 million for legal liability
  • $5000 of cover for your personal belongings while travelling to Australia or the South Pacific (for no more than 30 days)
  • Fatal injury benefit
  • Watercraft
  • Up to $5000 for young person’s cover while living away from home
  • A $1000 stress payment should you lose your home completely 

Westpac will also provide temporary accommodation for up to 12-months, or $25,000, should your house be uninhabitable.

Renter’s Cover is ideal for those living in rented accommodation and wanting to insure contents up to $25,000. The policy covers:

  • Belongings that may be accidentally lost, stolen or damaged
  • New for old replacement of some major household items
  • Liability for accidental damage
  • A supplement for temporary accommodation (to a maximum of $5000). 
  • Watercraft

While Full Cover and Renter’s Cover share a lot of the same policies, the amount you are insured for varies between the two. There are also certain policies that are not included in Renter’s Cover, such as cover for lost or stolen keys, fatal injury cover and hidden gradual damage.

About Westpac

Arriving in New Zealand around 1861 as the bank of New South Wales, Kiwis today know Westpac as one of the country’s largest banking institutions with more than 1.5 million customers nationwide. 

Officially recognised as the bank of the New Zealand Government, Westpac offers a host of services to individuals, families, small and medium businesses, corporate and institutional organisations. 

Written by: Katharina Charles | Last updated: August 11, 2021

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