Warehouse Money Credit Cards

Warehouse Money is a New Zealand financial institution providing credit cards and a variety of insurance products.
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Types of Warehouse Money credit cards

Warehouse Money has two different credit cards available for you to choose from:

  1. Purple Visa Card
  2. Warehouse Money Visa Card

Both Warehouse Money credit cards come with the same benefits, with the main difference being the way you’re rewarded for spending. Both cards offer you:

  • No annual fees or additional cardholder fees
  • Visa PayWave to let you tap and go
  • 24/7 online service
  • NZ-based customer support

Purple Visa Card

The Purple Visa Card offers you rewards points everywhere you shop, making it a great choice for your everyday purchases. These rewards, called Purple Dollars, are equivalent to $1 NZ Dollar when redeemed; you can earn 1 Purple Dollar for every $150 spent, and 2 Purple Dollars for every $150 you spend at The Warehouse. Your rewards points also don’t expire, meaning you can save them up for something special.


  • Interest rate on purchases: 19.95% p.a.
  • Interest rate on cash advances: 22.95% p.a.
  • Annual fee: None
  • Online: 24/7 online service using WM Connect
  • Contactless: Full contactless payments support using Visa PayWave
  • Rewards: Earn 2 Purple Dollars for every $150 spent at The Warehouse stores, and 1 Purple Dollar per $150 spent elsewhere; Purple Dollars can be spent as NZ Dollars in The Warehouse stores nationwide.

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Warehouse Money Visa Card

Warehouse Money’s Visa Card gives you 5% off all your purchases at The Warehouse stores, making it an ideal choice if you’re a regular customer. Your discount gets automatically applied when you pay using your Visa Card and what’s more, the discount is on top of any already discounted items.


  • Interest rate on purchases: 20.95% p.a.
  • Interest rate on purchases: 19.95% p.a.
  • Interest rate on cash advances: 22.95% p.a.
  • Annual fee: None
  • Online: 24/7 online service using WM Connect
  • Contactless: Full contactless payments support using Visa PayWave
  • Rewards: 5% off all purchases at The Warehouse, including already discounted items

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Eligibility to apply for Warehouse Money credit cards

To apply for any of Warehouse Money’s credit cards, you must be able to satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be a New Zealand resident
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must be earning or receiving a regular income

How to apply for a Warehouse Money credit card

If you satisfy all of the above criteria, you can apply online for a credit card online on the Warehouse Money website by clicking ‘Apply Now’ under your chosen card. The application takes about 10 minutes, and The Warehouse should get back to you within 60 seconds of completion.

You will need the usual documentation to apply for a credit card, including:

  1. A current and valid driver licence or passport
  2. Your employment details
  3. Your annual income
  4. Your usual living expenses
  5. Details about assets you own such as a home, car, other belongings, or savings
  6. Any debts you currently owe on other credit cards, loans, or overdrafts
  7. A valid email address

Read our checklist on applying for a credit card for a more detailed explanation of how the process works.

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Warehouse Money credit card FAQs

You’ll need to activate your new credit card before you can start using it. After receiving your card, you can activate it online by logging into The Warehouse’s WM Connect service and following the prompts.

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You can manage your Warehouse Money credit card through the company’s WM Connect online service centre. By using Warehouse Money’s online service you can pay your bill, access statements and transaction details, and view all of your accounts to see how much you owe.

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When interest is charged

Interest is charged on purchases when you carry a balance on your Warehouse Money credit card, and is charged on cash advances from the date of withdrawal. Interest is calculated daily on your outstanding balance, and charged to you monthly on your regular statement.

When interest is not charged

Depending on which card you go for, up to 55 interest-free days apply to Warehouse Money credit card purchases, as long as you have paid the balance in full for the previous month’s statement and for the current month’s statement.

For more information about interest-free days, check out our article on how they work.

Your credit limit for your Warehouse Money Visa credit card will be determined based on the information you provide in your application, keeping in mind the minimum credit limits available for each card which are detailed above. If your credit history is good, you’ll likely be approved for a higher credit limit, and vice versa. Find out more about how credit limits are determined here.

If you wish to change the credit limit on your card, you can manage it online using the WM Connect service. You can do this without any approval if you have a pre-assessed credit limit – just make the change within the app. If you can’t see a pre-assessed limit, you can submit an application instead.

You can close your Warehouse Money credit card account at any time by sending a written request to Warehouse Money. Your card balance will need to be repaid in full even after the card is closed, and you will continue to receive monthly statements until your card balance is fully repaid.

If you’re cancelling your credit card with Warehouse Money because you’re struggling financially, contact the company’s financial hardship team to find a potential solution.

If you’re cancelling your credit card because you aren’t happy with it, then consider checking out what else is on the market by clicking the button below to compare credit cards using the Canstar website:

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The Warehouse is a New Zealand discount retailer which first opened its doors in 1982 to provide bargain-priced products in a high-cost economy. The company has rapidly expanded and diversified since to become one of the biggest and most popular retailers in the nation, having exceeded $1 billion sales in 2000 and completing its full online shop in 2012. The Warehouse acquired Diners Club NZ in 2015 and soon relaunched it as Warehouse Money, providing value-packed credit cards and insurance to all New Zealand customers.

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Warehouse Money - Purple Visa Card

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Purple Visa Card

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Written by: Sam Bloom | Last updated: October 12, 2018