Cats & Dogs: How to avoid weight gain

The weather is starting to cool down and many of us have noticed a colder tinge in the morning temperatures. During the cooler months, motivation for getting outside can hit an all-time low, and this can lead to the common winter-weight issues, for humans and pets alike. Nadia Crighton, from Pet Insurance Australia, offers some tips to shake of the winter-blues and make the most of the cooler weather with our pets.

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It’s all about being prepared

Okay – if you want to keep up your regular exercise program in winter, it’s about being prepared.  Don’t abandon your early morning walk with your beloved pooch just because it’s a little (or a lot) cooler and wetter. Here are some tips to keep yourself on the straight and narrow (walking path).

  • The night before layout extra warm clothes including beanie and gloves (gloves are very important when holding a cold leash).
  • Set your alarm to some enthusiastic music…the type that makes you want to jump out of bed and seize the day.
  • If it’s a really chilly morning consider a dog coat for your pooch.
  • If it’s raining invest in a good raincoat for yourself and your dog.
  • Have two dry towels waiting for your return at the door – one for muddy paws and one for damp bodies.
  • Remind yourself, or even write a note to yourself, how important keeping fit during winter is for your dog and for yourself.
  • Have a day off. Then on those really cold starts remind yourself that your day off is only three days away.
  • Can’t get outside? Too cold, or just too wet? Do your research and do some indoor training to flex those brain muscles instead.

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